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DJ or not?

HI, well i am stressing out quite a bit about getting a DJ. I feel like iv read alot of reviews and for my budget i can afford one (and only one) company, which is fine. After figuring that out Iv been told to just use an IPOD. I dont have a diverse and large song selection on my IPOD, but i guess that is fixable. I also do not have speakers etc. Is is really worth it to use an IPOD over a DJ? I have heard horror stories on both  sides so im really  stuck :(

Re: DJ or not?

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    With an iPod, you can probably buy/borrow the music and the equipment that you need for less than a DJ, which is nice as it can save you a lot of money. Especially if you don't necessarily want a rocking, raging dance floor. But, you're going to be doing all the work - everything will be up to you.

    WIth a DJ, you'll be paying more, but the music, equipment, everything is in their hands. They can also help you plan your music if that's something you need help with. If you want any kind of dancing, I'd highly recommend a DJ. A good DJ will be able to read your crowd and react to what they want, and help make sure everyone has a good time.

    I'd go with a DJ.
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