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Vendor Reviews - Kind of long

Sorry for the wait for these... it's been a busy couple of weeks getting back to work an all that. But here are my experiences/ reviews of the vendors, etc. that I used. 

Dress – Bridal Boutique Lewisville A+

I had a great experience here. I made an appointment for a Sunday afternoon. Bridal Boutique was pretty busy with walk-ins, so we had to wait a few minutes to meet our consultant, Donna. Donna explained to us to pick a few dresses to try on, and we were able to peruse the racks ourselves.  The prices were very reasonable and the dresses were high quality. Donna very quick at lacing/zipping up dresses that I tried on, as opposed to a couple other dress shops where the consultants were kind of slow/clueless. Donna had a lot of knowledge of the dresses, and when I realized the dresses we picked were not working, she pulled a couple she thought would work well for me. She was very patient as my mom kept pulling dresses for me to try on. We stayed past our appointment time, but I did find my dress.  Overall a great experience.


Alterations – Delores at Sew Fine Alterations (Lewisville) A

Bridal Boutique recommended Delores. She seemed very busy, but was very quick during my appointment. She hemmed the dress, added cups, and took it in. She might have been a little pricier than some others mentioned on this board, but all the alterations were done perfectly. She was very nice and easy to work with.


Rehearsal Dinner – Matt’s Rancho Martinez – B+

Basically, we just rented a party room, since no one formally offered to pay for the rehearsal dinner, and we were all tapped out. We were up front and told everyone it wasn’t a formal rehearsal dinner, just a pre-wedding dinner wanted to share with our families and wedding party. Plus, it helped that it was only about 5 minutes from the venue. We had about 25 people join us for dinner. The room at Matt’s Rancho Martinez was a good size, but it was kind of echo-y and noisy as they had to keep the doors open while they were serving us. The servers were very nice, but a bit slow as there were only 2 of them, and they got a few of the drinks and the checks mixed up. However, the drinks tasted great, were a good size, and reasonably priced. The food was, to me, pretty decent, but everyone else (Chicagoans) thought it was very good (compared to the Mexican food they are used to I guess). We did not have a time limit on the room, so they were very gracious in letting us stay as late as we wanted. We finally left a bit after 9. Overall, we had a great time.


Venue – Aldredge House / Caterer- Food Glorious Food A++

This review goes together as the catering company basically caters, oversees and coordinates all the events at the Aldredge House.

We fell in love with the Aldredge House the moment we saw it. It’s so grand, yet so intimate at the same time. Plus, we really wanted to have a wedding in the heart of Dallas, especially for our out of town guests, so this was the perfect place. It is very classic, intimate, and vintage inspired.

Megan, the coordinator for the catering company (Food Glorious Food) was extremely friendly, helpful  and accommodating. I told her the budget we wanted to stay within and she gave us a lot of options. She was always responsive via email or phone, and was always on top of things to make sure everything ran smoothly.

We got a lot of compliments on the Aldredge House. If I have any complaints whatsoever, it would be the location. It’s a little out of the way, but luckily everyone was able to find it with the help of the GPS. And since we had our wedding on a Friday, we were at the mercy of traffic, which was NOT working in our favor that day. Megan and her assistant Chelsey were amazing at calming me down when I arrived an hour later than schedule and stressed out after sitting in traffic for more than 2 hours (thanks to a wreck on the Tollway).

We were able to have the ceremony and reception all in one place. This was a big draw for us, as we were having a lot of OOT guests.  In addition, they provided all the food, tables, linens, dinnerware, and catering so we did not have to rent anything. This was well worth the cost of the food and rental.

The food was top-notch, and we had dinner in one room and dancing in another. Some people might not like this setup, but it worked well for us. Those who wanted to boogie could, and those who didn’t want to dance were not subjected to yelling over the music or watching other people get down. 

I highly recommend the Aldredge House, but be warned that for some, it may be a little on the pricy side (especially on a Saturday) but everything is included! I’m not sure what the max. capacity is, but I also recommend it for weddings on the smaller side. (We had about 60 people). 

 Flowers – Stephanie Lacy/ Faith, Hope, and Flowers A

My cousin recommended her friends Kristen and Stephanie Lacy, sisters-in-law who do cakes and flowers for weddings on the side. Since I had a limited budget, I figured I would meet with them, and kill 2 birds with one stone. Stephanie did my flowers. She showed me photographs of her work, and I could tell she did not have a ton of experience, but had a great eye for detail. She told me she would basically charge me for the flowers and accessories, as well as the flowers for my cake. I thought it was a great deal. Flowers were not a huge deal to me, so I did not interview any other florists. I did check with places like Central Market and Costco, and Stephanie’s price was a bit lower. The day of the wedding, she went beyond the call of duty, sticking around even after she got all the centerpieces and boutonnieres taken care of to make sure I got there OK (see above traffic incident), and offered to help us out with a few other last-minute things, which helped tremendously. Stephanie is so sweet to work with, and her work was top-notch. I recommend her to anyone needing basic floral at a great price.


Cake- Kristen Lacy/ Tiers by Tista A+

Kristen is Stephanie’s sister in law, who I actually contacted first. She does cakes on the side out of her home. She brought us 6 samples – free of charge – and they were HUGE! The cakes we tasted were delicious, and we had cake in our fridge for weeks! She was very creative offering ideas for designs and her price was unbeatable for 2 cakes and chocolate covered strawberries.

When I saw the finished product at the wedding, I was floored, they looked so good. She really brought to life exactly what we wanted. And the best part was that they tasted great too. I really liked that she recommends using cream cheese icing instead of butter cream, which I don’t really like anyway, and let me tell you, it made all the difference in the world. One of my guests even commented, “The white chocolate cake is crack, and I don’t even like cake.” Highly recommended!


Photographer – Colton Bradhshaw/SixFourteen Photography A++

Colton must think I’m always late to everything. We were about 30 mins. late to our engagement photos due to a wreck on a Sunday. (well, on time for the original time, but Colton wanted to move it earlier)  And, of course, we were late for our 5p.m. start time due to…yep, another wreck. But Colton was quick on his feet and got photos of the venue, flowers, cake, etc. before we arrived. He even managed to get a photo of my dress and my shoes, even though I brought them with me – so not sure when that took place! His wife/assistant Jessica was also extremely helpful, going above and beyond to do things non-photo related, like going to get my lipstick J We were supposed to do formal shots before the ceremony, but due to our late arrival, we did them afterwards. We were kind of glad, too, as it was a bit cooler outside at 7:30. Colton got us through all the family pictures quickly and ignored my FIL, who was basically following him around with his camera, trying to take the same shots. He even got us to do some bride/groom shots later in the evening after we opened up the dance floor. I’ve only seen the photos on his blog, but I trust the rest of them are outstanding, and I can’t wait to see them all. Colton is a very creative, quick-thinking and patient photographer, and an amazing value! I recommend him to anyone.


 DJ – Figment Productions / Doug and Laura Olvey A

We had a difficult time picking a DJ. Doug and Laura seemed the best bet for the price. We met with them in person twice, and they were very accommodating to meet close to where we live. Doug did our ceremony music in addition to the reception. It sounded great, but we did have a tiny snafu when they let a lot of time pass between parents/moms being seated and bridesmaid/flower girl walking down the aisle. But not a big deal. Doug was a great announcer, but was a teeny bit too cheesy radio voice. Because the dining room was separate from the dance floor, he came into the room in person to make announcements, instead of just setting up a speaker which was really appreciated. Also, he did not play a couple of the songs on our “must play” list, but he did play a lot of current dance music that was popular with the crowd.  He was also great about switching it up when songs were requested. Overall, he did a good job. His wife, Laura, was also a wonderful asset. I learned after the ceremony that a few folks had to eat in the ballroom due to there not being enough seating for everyone. We already had tables set up, but no chairs. Doug and Laura quickly retrieved chairs for our guests, without bothering the venue coordinator. I heard from the guests afterwards that they were very grateful. Laura was very attentive to us the entire night, always making sure we were comfortable and seeing if we needed anything. She even got me cake after I missed it when it was being served. All in all, a great choice! 


Hotel – Hotel Indigo – B

Hotel Indigo is a lovely hotel. However, I did have a few problems with them after my contact there left. Our account was given to another sales manager. I thought nothing of it until my SIL called and said she tried to book a room, but we did not have a room block. I promptly called the hotel, and spoke with a sales manager who was not the new owner of my account (he was out that day). She said she would take care of it. My SIL tried once again to book rooms, but once again ran into problems. She was told we only had King rooms in our block, and she was trying to book  double rooms. It turned out this new manager only set up a room block with half the amount of rooms I requested. When I told her this, she claimed that those rooms had already been booked. When I asked her to tell me who had booked rooms (as I knew that was not the case) she told me she wouldn’t know until the following week, and that she would email me a report. Well, the next week came around and still I had no report. Every time I asked her for information or to add rooms to my block, she argued with me and nothing got done. Finally, DH called the corporate office of the hotels and told them about our situation. They told us that our account would be taken care of, and the person who was supposed to be handling it from the beginning called DH and sent us an email that he had increased the room number to what was on the original contract. Finally! After that, we worked with him and his sales assistant, who had no problem running reports for us on who had actually booked within an hour or so. After that, guests did not have any problems booking rooms, and she even moved my SIL to the larger rooms that she had requested in the first place.  However, I did later learn that I had a couple of family members were turned away due to there “not being enough rooms available” but it worked out for them, as they were staying a few extra days and were able to stay at a nicer hotel with a pool, which Indigo does not have.  Overall, I liked the hotel, it was very quaint and the staff was very friendly. Plus, it is very reasonable for downtown. I just did not like the one sales manager we worked with, as she was very rude and did not know what she was doing. This was the biggest headache of the whole wedding, but in the end, it worked out OK. 

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