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Okay, so I have searched and searched........and searched for a white flower girl basket with red roses on it. And CANNOT find one. The flower that are being used in mywedding are red roses only, no fillers or greenery. I found ring bearer pillow, guestbook, etc all white with red roses on it but I cannot find a flower girl basket. It does not even have to be alot of roses on it. Just at least one or two. I have found them in black and other colors but not red. Do you know where i can find them. I have attached pic of the other items I found to tie into my red rose theme.

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  • Have you checked Etsy/Ebay?



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    [QUOTE]Have you checked Etsy/Ebay?
    Posted by professorscience[/QUOTE]

    I looked on etsy and did find one.......for $105. lol

    So yea, I cant get that on lol
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  • You may have to DIY.....
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    [QUOTE]You may have to DIY.....
    Posted by cwaggoner07[/QUOTE]
    This. you can buy a basket at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, buy some red roses and hot glue them on.
  • will do. Hopefully the flowers will not fall off during the ceremony because Im terrible at arts and crafts lol.

    thank you everyone
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    [QUOTE]will do. Hopefully the flowers will not fall off during the ceremony because Im terrible at arts and crafts lol. thank you everyone
    Posted by gmg75241[/QUOTE]
    I am terrible too, but I made the flower balls on the pews in my sig and only one broke (after the ceremony). So there is hope! :)
  • there are a TON of fabric rose tutorials online. Surely someone in your wedding party is crafty and you can enlist them to make you some. Then just find a white flower girl basket at hobby lobby and hot glue them where you want them. here are some links to get you started. I've made fabric roses from the little birdie blog and they are a sinch. Good luck!!


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