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I dont really want them to happen :-/ I know they are nice and sentimental, but all I can think about is his mom and how badly she rambled off at her dads 90th birthday party (it was a full 20 mins and about half way she stopped talking about papa) and how bored I felt during the speechs at my uncles wedding. Do you think no speeches will be offensive and if so any tips on how to make sure half the wedding isnt one big speech?
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Re: Speeches...

  • I don't think it's necessarily offensive, but it would be nice if whoever is considered the host would stand up and say thank you to the guests for coming. Doesn't need to be long at all. If your parents are hosting, maybe have them write down what they would like to say. It can be something simple like "thank you everyone for coming to our daughters wedding. We appreciate your presence and let's have a good time tonight!" or something. I think writing it down will help them stick to it and not ramble. Don't write it for them though :-)
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  • I don't think it's rude not to have speeches, but I think it's nice to have somebody thank the guests for coming. That doesn't need to be anything long, like jennipea said.

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