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Hey fellow March brides ...

So, even though I'm sure they will change a few times between now and then, what's everyone thinking for colors??

I love love loveee the thought of black dresses with each bride in different bold color shoes or bouquet or hair piece etc (bright bolds) ... but my fiance's not too crazy about the "rainbow" effect (even though that's not what I'm going for...)

He wants like a sky blue (and white, let me just add) ... so I'm thinking maybe a compromise of black and sky-ish blue (shoes for the girls??)

What's your thoughts on this ... and what's your thinking on YOUR colors??

Re: Colors!!

  • Since we are getting married the day before St. Patricks Day. I was thinking Kelly Green with Pink,white,Black accents!!

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    Our wedding is March 29, 2013, probably in the evening hours.  The theme is most likely going to be Gothic/medieval - I really sort of want a blue, silver and white motif, but those colors aren't very spring-like, nor do they tend to go with the medieval style.

    My fiance likes the idea of black and gold (but then he's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so he's thinking in THOSE terms, ugh, heh).  

    On the other hand, black and gold sort of goes better with the medieval theme.  

    What would you all select in this instance?  Blue/silver/white or black/gold?
  • We are doing a dark purple and slate grey color combo! I love the color purple and my fiance wants grey suits, so this is perfect!
  • MIne keeps changing every other week, but right now I am settled on green and pink.  I want the green to be a dark forest green and the pink to also be a darker color.  I dont want my colors to be bubble-gum colors :)

    Cathalain: the blue/silver color combo goes with the midieval theme.  What about a Black/Red/White color pattern.  That screams gothic to me.  You dont have to be gothic and springy as well, you can choose to have one or the other. 
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  • Cathalian I like the idea of the black and gold it brings the groom in to the wedding more I often worry Im not icluding my grooms likes enough. We are going with Black, White, and light purple, my girls are wearing black dresses with purple accesories ^-^
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  • I chose green (specific shade depends on the component of the wedding) and gold.  I'm not having a bridal party so I don't need to worry about dresses other than mine, which will be white of course LOL...I'll most likely choose flowers in the shades of white and light to medium green.  Invitations, hopefully, will be in shades of green and gold.  Everything else is up in the air at this point.
  • I am thinking ivory and light pink with a little bit of green.  Going for fresh and "spring".  We weren't originally going to have a bridal party either...but have recently decide to.  Nobody has really put in their opinions on the colors I guess it's up to me to decide.  I hope that doesn't make me a bridezilla, making all the decisions!
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  • Beverly, it's your're supposed to make all the decisions! LOL  That doesn't make you a bridezilla hahaha
  •  Our wedding colors are Peacock and Black. It was not a hard decision for us at all. Blue is my favorite color and Green is one of my fiancés. So it just worked for us. Laughing
  • My weedding is March 23rd, and we are going with Purple, Yellow and silvrish grey (cos of fiancee suits). We re going for bright, regal, and funfilled :)
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