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Hey Ladies- SO I would post this on the ifts page but I like your opinions :)

I'm trying to figure out what kind of gifts for my parents and FI's parents. I think I've narrowed it down to a personalized hanky for my mom, because I'm an only child and I know she is going to use it at the ceremony! My dad may even need one, but I don't think I want to do the same thing for him. I looked on etsy and he doesn't need cufflinks or a picture frame (we're getting them albums as part of the gift after the wedding). For FI's parents, I'm totally clueless. Are you getting anything for them? And if yes, are you getting them something specifally from you rather than you and FI together?

Other gifts that 've already figured out:
BM- Robes with their first initial embroidered on them (love these for getting ready, theirs are light pink and mine is white), flip flops to put on at the reception, a "BM survival kit" that I found on Pinterest, and earrings for the day-of. Still need to pick something a little extra out for my MOH.
FI- Set of golf Irons. He knows he is getting these because he is picking a few out that he likes and then I'm going to pick which one to buy.
Groomsmen- FI wants to get them oversized beer mugs with their favorite NCAA, NFL, or MLB team etched on them

Anyone else have other ideas that you are using?
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Re: Gifts

  • Hm, we haven't decided on gifts yet. I think we'll do gifts from both of us vs. doing individual gifts for our parents. We are thinking of paying for FI's parents' hotel room at least one night because I know it will be difficult for them to afford it. I'm sure we'll get them something else too, but that's the main thing we're thinking of. My parents have done so much for me that I don't know what would be sufficient! Haha. I'm thinking of a night or two at a B&B. They got that as a gift for their 25th anniversary from some family members and I think they enjoyed it. Just an idea I have in the back of my head.

    I'm still thinking of ideas for my BMs. I was thinking of a bottle of their favorite wine, a personalized wine glass, and maybe a cute bottle stopper. I'd like to do something more unique but I'll have to keep looking!

    FI has been looking through some catalogue things he's gotten. I think he likes the idea of an engraved flask or beer mug or something. I'm kinda trying to steer him away from using their "titles" (like best man) on the gifts just because it's nice to use it whenever. But it's up to him in the end!
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  • I don't have a bridal party, but I have thought about what to give his parents and my dad and brother. I decided to keep it simple and give everyone an accessory they can wear to the wedding. I'll either get his mother a pink scarf or handbag (my colors are pink and green...and she absolutely loves the color pink). For his dad, my dad, and my brother pink ties to wear to the wedding. 
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  • I got my daddy a picture frame that has a picture of he and I when I was little and a cute little phrase as well as a gift card to his favorite hunting store. My FI doenst have a father so we are planning on getting his mother and mine both matching wedding themed pandora charms ^-^
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  • For my parents I'm going to have one of those name signs made, of their last name...where they use pictures of things that look like letters.  It was a groupon deal, and I think they would like that and it looks classy.  FI's parents aren't really helping us with the wedding financially (this is FI's second marriage), so I dont feel like we need to get them you think this is ok?  They are giving the rehearsal dinner, but we have such a small wedding party, it won't be much.   My MOH, I will get her the jewelry and prob. pay for her hair/make-up.  And the Best Man gift is up to FI, he'll figure that out.  
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  • I have been collecting parts of the gifts for the 2 years we have been engaged.
     I got my mom and his mom a hanky off of Etsy. I have yet to decide what else to get them though. A weekend getaway sounds good or a spa day.
    We could do a joint big gift for his parents. His dad is also his Best man so sending his parents away for the weekend might be nice.
    I do plan on making both sets of parents an album once our photos are back also.

    My BMs are my sisters. I wanted to get them practical stuff i knew they would use, but also cute things for the wedding. So far they are all getting..
    -personalized cups with their names on them
    -personalized robes
    - cute charms that represent something special between us, these will be tied onto the bouquets so they know which is which. They can use the charm later for anything.
    -Thy jewelry they will be wearing that day will be made by me
    -Wire hangers to hang the dresses
    -Keychains- My stepmother made cute keychains out of scrap fabric in the wedding colors. It will make a cute name tag on the outside of each girls bag. They have the girls initials on them

    My darling FI wont decide on anything for the boys.. This is the one thing I cannot get him to do & honestly its driving me crazy.
    I am getting the boys cuff links. They will look nice with the outfits, I know none of them own any yet, but they all have a few dress shirts I know they could get some use out of them with. I found these fairly cheap on Etsy also.

    -Our Flower girl is also getting a cup that matches the BMs. She is my niece and I know she would love to have a matching cup with her mom and Aunts. The FG and RB will both be getting so some of toy that suit their interests. I'm also making them shirts for the RD.

    I am still deciding on the perfect gift for FI.

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