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the day before easter

Recently engaged, wanted to have a wedding in Sept 2011 then realized was tight, I found a venue that I am absolutely in love with and has everything I would want. i finally figured a date i was really happy with and I got a great discount on a March 30, 2013 date but its the day before easter. I am not that religous, does anyone have any thooughts or ideas about if this is a bad idea?

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  • I think it is a wonderful day to get married! It is the same date that my fiance and I will be married on, 03-30-13 (I love 3s). Since it is not actually on the holiday, I do not think it is a big deal that it is Easter weekend. My fiance and I and my family are not religious, but my fiance's mother's side is Catholic. They have not put up a fuss about the date thus far, so I think it is perfectly acceptable to have a wedding the day before Easter.
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  • My fiance and I have chosen 3-30-13 as well! Both of our families are religious and there was a little push back at first, but everyone loves the idea now. Since we are a religious family, to us there is something very special about getting married during the Holy Week.

    The only thing that makes me nervous is our rehearsal b/c it's on good friday, which is a busy day for most churches. The good thing is that we are planning early enough that we can let ppl know in advance. Most vendors I've talked to have appreciated me telling them and havent had any conflicts.

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  • We are booked for 3-22-13, right in the middle of lent.  I ranted earlier about my families issues with having a wedding during that period, but it really is about you and your feelings. Why not talk to the rest of your family and see what their thought pattern is?  If they have religious issues, ask them if you can include fish options in your meal so that they could enjoy their night.  You also want to remember that travel might be a little more expensive for your OOT guests, try to consider them as well. 
    The bottom line is if you really love the date and place, everyone should understand.  They are there for a wedding and for the celebration of you and your partner, not to bicker about one day out of the thousands that they will live.
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  • I think it really depends on your guests. I know my family usually celebrates Easter the day before because it tends to work out better for everyone, but then again we're not super religious. I considered that date but I figured I'd avoid it in case people go out of town or anything. So if you think it's an issue, I'd choose a different date. If not, go for it!
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  • This was the same day my fiance and I wanted to book our wedding for... until today when he told me it's the day before Easter. I'm not particularly religious at all; but 50% of the guests will be coming in from out of town, and a lot of them have kids. This means they'd have to drive back home on easter, plus their kids wouldn't be able to wake up and do the easter basket thing.  So I think for now we have decided to bump it up a week, to the 23, or move it to may. My problem is that march is soooo much cheaper around here (in maryland) than may is, since it is considered 'off-season'.  I loved that date though, and if you don't have  a lot of out of town guests/or youre not too religious than go for it.
  • my fiance and I are getting married on 3-30-13 also! we decided on the date mainly because its right before peak season so we save a little money here and there. we also considered a lot of our family do attend church on Easter  and to make it make a family thing and incorporate Easter and spring in our wedding weekend. we're having a rehersal dinner on Good Friday and having the kids a Easter egg hunt!  i say go for it make it about family time and having a good time with both families!!
  • im getting married on 3-30-13 also and i dont see anything wrong with it. S/O to all the 3-30-13 brides!!!

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  •  our date is 3/23/2013 we were going to do it on the 30th but when found out about it being day before easter changed it. Our family will be going to church that sunday and didnt want all our guests out late the night before.. We changed it because for us it sounded like a disaster. plus you wanna make sure if your getting married in a church they wont already have it all decorated in easter stuff!!! good luck
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