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Ceremony music

Did anyone DIY your ceremony music? We have a sound guy at the church but he's basically there just to hit 'play'. I have one song for the GM, FI, and our parents (all seated/enter on the one song), one song for bridal party, and one song for me. I just don't know how/where to cut it. I don't want the first 30 seconds of the song playing then it just cut off, and the sound guy play the next song. Anybody have any advice on this?

Also, same goes for unity candle music. I'm not sure how long it should be.
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Re: Ceremony music

  • Our DJ cut all the music, so I have no idea how to do that, but definitely agree it needs to be done once you've timed everything out. Does the sound guy have a fade option? Or will he literally just hit play?
  • We didn't have a song for the unity candle. It only takes about 30 seconds to light it and we didn't want to just stand there looking at each other through a whole song.
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    [QUOTE]We didn't have a song for the unity candle. It only takes about 30 seconds to light it and we didn't want to just stand there looking at each other through a whole song.
    Posted by stephiehall[/QUOTE]

    I agree!
  • Didn't have a unity candle but I agree with Stephie- often it is kind of awkward after you light it if you listen through a whole song. 

    Just note the times in the song and what you want played when. 
    We had out DJ play specific songs and noted the lengths of each. All of it was VSQ (even our recessional- it was "Kids" - by MGMT). 
    The song for the processional was Vitamin String Quartet's "Fix You". I entered on the part that really builds and we had this noted by the time point in the song. Well my coordinator didn't understand that I came in to the same song everyone else did and held me there instead of releasing me to walk down the aisle with my father. Our song ended, but the DJ just looped back to the point where I was supposed to come in and crossfaded it. Most DJs have the ability to do this. Rather than playing the entire rest of the song (another 2 minutes worth), he faded it out once I reached the altar.  

  • We had a string duo, and they just faded in and out during the unity candle. It didn't take very long, but it was a meaningful song for my dad and I (Ashokan Farewell), but didn't want to walk down the aisle to it since it is traditionally a song played at a funeral. I walked really slowly over to the candle just to make it last a tad longer but Stephie is right--it only takes about 30 seconds unless you have a reading to go along with it to explain the unification of the two families, etc.
  • Yes, please listen to PPs about the Unity Candle.  As a guest, I always hate those awkward, "Everyone's just standing here while the song finishes" moments.

    As for your question, I think a former knottie just did an iPod.  I'm not sure if she had a mix that included all of the songs, or if she just had someone hit "play" and "stop" at the appropriate times.  I would find out what exactly the guy is going to do, and then maybe see if you can find someone to man the music if you need.
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