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Photographer Contract Language - Question

I am about to sign the contract with my wedding photographer and had 2 questions about some langugage regarding libility and print rights.

1. Libability - The following language is included and I am wondering if this is normal. Is the photographer really not held liable if they are late or don't show? "The Supplier and any of his agents or third party associates will not be liable in the unlikely event that a problem arises, whether due to lateness, no show, accident, neglect, human error, loss of materials, acts of god, equipment or other failures. Supplier‘s liability is limited solely to the return of all payments received from the Client under this Agreement."

2. Print Rights - Is it normal for a photographer to not give FULL printing rights to your images, our current contract has a print release for 16x20 or smaller. Is it normal to want print rights for bigger than this?

Thank you!

Re: Photographer Contract Language - Question

  • It sounds like the liability part means your photographer only has to pay back your money ("Limited solely to the return of all payments received"), and that you can't sue him for his house or other income if he doesn't show up. But I'm not a lawyer, so I can't say for sure. 

    As far as printing rights, we had to pay our photographer extra for printing rights. Nothing in our contract limited the size of the prints, though. You should probably ask your photographer about that. 
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    You honestly probably will never need a print bigger than 16x20.  Lots of photographers won't even say that in their contract but do it anyway and most people don't notice.  

    For the other one I have no idea.. but I think PP is right... its probably to protect his personal money and house. 
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