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new here...parent album question

HI all,
I am new here to this board. I got married 6 months ago ( today!)...and it was beautiful. My pictures are beautiful, but overall I wasn't so happy with the photographer package as it turned out to be a lot more costly than I had anticipated. I didn't get parent albums through them, because we were just out of $...so I decided to do them on my own.  So...I ordered an album from the internet and I thought I pressed 8x8 for size...but I guess I put 10x10 so now it is here and I am wondering if it is too big for a parent album?  What do you all think? Should I return it or does it matter? Keep in mind...my mom's bday is sunday so I am not sure I will have time to exchange it...but I worry about the dumbest things...any help is appreciated.

Re: new here...parent album question

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    I don't think it is too big.  Even at 8x8, she won't be carrying it around in her purse!  For me, the bigger the better.  I'm older and need things I can see without those stupid little glasses!  It will be fine...
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    I'm with Muffin'sMom! I'm sure she'll love it!
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    Thanks...since you are a mom, your opinion is very important to me!  Did your daughter get you an album?
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