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Need a Photographer in St Lucia? Karay Media is amazing!

Hi all! My husband and I got married last August and just went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. I had to post a recommendation for the most amazing photographer ever! (He also plans destination weddings!) We knew we wanted to take some beautiful, professional pictures in wedding attire while in St. Lucia. We’d always dreamed of being married on the beach, but we decided not to have a destination wedding so our families could be involved. Our wedding was amazing, but we still wanted those gorgeous beach pictures. And we thought it might be fun to trash the dress! So, I did some research about photographers in St. Lucia and, in a very happy accident, stumbled upon Ray of Karay Media. I sent him an e-mail, detailing what I wanted to do. We communicated back and forth for several weeks prior to our trip. He was such a pleasure to talk with, and I knew he would bring my vision to life. I had so many questions – so many wants – and he assured me it was all possible. For example, I wanted to go to thePitons, which were several hours away from our resort, and Ray took us there! The half day we spent with Ray was the absolute highlight of our time in St. Lucia.




Check out some of his beautiful images in his gallery!




I spoke with Ray when we got to St. Lucia on a Friday evening, and we arranged a time to meet the following Monday. He drove to our resort – which was not at all close to his home – and picked us up. As I mentioned, our first stop was the Pitons, several hours away. I wanted to get a very specific shot I’d seen on his website, but when the weather wasn’t cooperating, Ray immediately came up with an alternative plan and took us to a beautiful botanical garden. The pictures are simply stunning. I had such a clear idea of the beach images I wanted, but I’m so glad Ray thought to take us there. It was clear after only a few minutes of being with him that this guy knew what he was doing, and he’d bend over backwards to ensure I had beautiful pictures.




Ray took us to Ti Kaye Resort for our sunset trash the dress pictures. I had sent Ray a bunch of images I’d seen on Pinterest as ideas for this kind of shoot. He’d done trash the dress pictures before, but he still printed out all of my images, and enthusiastically tried to recreate as many of them as he could – which I appreciated so much! The sun wasn’t really cooperating for sunset pictures, but what struck me was how apologetic he was for something far beyond his control. He tried so hard to please me – and in the end, got incredible shots, including a sunburst image and several with a sky of pinks and oranges. Absolutely amazing.




We didn’t see the pictures until we got home nearly a week later, but that wasn’t for Ray’s lack of trying. He was prepared to go home and edit, then bring us a CD the next afternoon. Again, he didn’t live close to the place we were staying, and he really hadn’t been feeling well all day. He’d pushed himself to get through the shoot, and still wanted to get the editing done that night. I was very impressed to say the least, but I’m glad he let me talk him into providing me digital versions of the images the following week.




Back at our resort, we told everyone we met about the wonderful time we had taking fun pictures and exploring St. Lucia with a wonderful photographer. We remarked all week how it was truly our favorite part of the entire trip (and remember, we hadn’t seen the pictures yet!) We really enjoyed every bit of our day with Ray. We had great conversations during our drives, and he told us so much about the island. I work in tourism, so I always love hearing about a place from a local. It was really a great experience – he was such a genuinely nice guy.




As you’ve guessed, the pictures are beyond exquisite. My only issue with them is that there are too many good ones! I don’t have enough wall space to frame all the ones I like! My friends say they’ve never seen anything like our pictures. Someone remarked that one of them looked like something out of a dream! I can’t thank Ray enough for capturing so many beautiful moments between me and my new husband. He made us feel so comfortable during the shoot – we laughed a lot, and had tons of fun! He provided us with well over 200 images that beautifully document a wonderful trip – and he gave me those incredible beach wedding pictures I’d always dreamed about. I highly recommend Karay Media if you are either getting married in St. Lucia, or want some beautiful moments captured on your vacation. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Karay Media provides both beautiful pictures and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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