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I'm trying to plan out the wedding day and need to know how long to have for each set of pictures...

Getting ready pictures at my house, thinking of starting at 1pm, and the boys at the hotel starting at 3pm (2 different photographers)

Then travel to ceremony site takes 15 min

We are doing all family, first look, and some bridal party (12 ppl in party) prior to the ceremony - thinking of starting at 3:30pm (photos in same location as ceremony)

Ceremony will start at 5:00pm and end at 5:30pm

There will be a receiving line and then the group photo of us coming out of the church with bubbles and limo pic

Then cocktail hour starts at 6:30pm (about a 15 min drive from ceremony location)

During cocktail hour will take some more pics of bridal party and us but hopefully for the majority of the cocktail hour we will be at it.  (I extended it from 6:30-8:00).

Reception starts at 8pm.  Reg pics, dances, toss, cake, ect.  We are okay with photographer leaving soon after cake is cut.

Is that enough time allotted for each part? I love photos and as a couple and as a family we tend to take A LOT of them.  I do not want to be rushed but I also do not want to over do it. 10 Hours for photography?  Please let me know what has worked and not worked for your wedding. Thanks!

Re: Photography Timeline

  • The timeline is really best discussed with your photographer. We allotted: 1 hour getting ready/dressing, 30 minutes first look, 1 hour wedding party photos, 30 minute ceremony, 1 hour B&G photos (during cocktail hour), 4 hour reception (until exit). We went with an 8 hour package but my photographer came an hour early so we ended up with 9 hours of coverage.
  • Why are you planning the timeline for your photographer? Your photographer should be doing that! They will know better than you and they should be working with your coordinator or your venue and the dj. The photographer I refer all of my brides to needs 1 1/2 -2 hours between the ceremony and the reception to get the images her client hires her for. She works directly with me and the venue for all timeline issues. Have you chosen your photographer? 
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