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is it worth putting the money into a videographer?

We desided that pictures were going to be a big part of our budget, 4000 dollars- but these we weill have forever!! Now after talking to some vendors, they put the idea of getting a videographer (yes I know it is their job to make the sale) but what do you think? will pictures be enough or will i regret not having the DVD to look at on our anniversaries for a lifetime to come?

Re: is it worth putting the money into a videographer?

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    YOU WILL WANT THE VIDEO!!!! We just got married 2 weeks ago...and it wasn't until july that I booked our videographer. I was torn, just like you are. But honestly, after the wedding, the first thing out of my mouth was "thank god i got the video!!".  The day is literally a whirlwind of stress, emotions, etc. You won't remember many parts of it, especially the ceremony!!  You dont get to watch the bridal party processional or getting ready- but the videographer captures all of that. I am sooooo excited for the video so i can see what he was doing all day, what i was doing, what our families were doing. I heard so many funny stories about the processional and the cute ring bearer which I can now see. Also, we had the best toasts at the wedding which we can now cherish forever.

    I vote yes!
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    I also spent around $4k for my photos and did not hire a videographer, and it is one of the few regrets I have.  I don't think that I would watch the video thousands of times, but it hurts knowing I can't see my ceremony again even once.
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    Get the video for sure! We hired a videographer 3 weeks before the wedding and I watch our highlights reel at least once a week, if not more. You won't regret getting it, but you definitely might regret not getting it. 

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    I kinda disagree....if you have it in your budget to get it go ahead and do it but I don't think everyone will regert not having one.  If you're someone who is centimental you probably will want it but if you're not someone like that you won't.  I love photographs so I wanted to hire the best photographer I could....but I could care a less about getting a videographer.  I have videoes from major life events that I haven't watched more than once and i actually regreted wasting the money to buy them.  It just depends on how you are.
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    YES!!!!  My parents have a wedding video and it is so amazing to see them young and hear their voices and see and hear family from over 25 years ago that I never got to meet but I feel like I know them.
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    I do videography, and I personaly think it's something you'll regret if you don't have.  However, I also have to slightly agree with Gismo123.  There are a lot of different kinds of people.  Some just really honestly don't care a bit about having a video.  In which case, just have a friend record it, just because.  However, if it's something that you really really want, but just aren't sure if it's worth paying for.  Then yes.  Get it.  It's worth it if you really want it.
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