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timothy whaley experiences

I booked tw for my wedding this past august.  i had a decent experience with them until now.  friday will be 7 weeks and i still haven't seen my proofs yet.  i called a couple of tmes, and although everyone has been friendly and reassuring i can't understand why it's taking sooo long and why i never seem to be able to talk with the same person twice.  just wondering if i am freaking out over nothing or if other people have had this problem also...

Re: timothy whaley experiences

  • edited December 2011
    Was it digital proofing or print proofing? Print proofing may take a few months for all prints to be  printed, retouched and assembled into an album for your review. Digital proofing is usually faster since the images can be computer edited and loaded onto a disc or online gallery to review. 

    I think you did the right thing by calling and I hope you are able to view your proofs soon! I would also post this on the local Chicago board as those ladies may have had direct experiences with that photographer. 
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