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As we were planning our wedding, we were unsure about the importance of having a Wedding Concepts Video at all. We were set to focus only on our photography. We decided to move forward with a video… and after the wedding was over, and we saw the final product…we were so joyful on having made the decision.


The Wedding Concepts Video captured our day in an amazing, beautiful way.  Their segmentation of the ceremony and reception was perfect.  Their attention to detail was remarkable. They not only recorded the video of all the major events…but they captured the tone, the movement, and the majesty as well. In fact the emotion that is felt from one of our favorite moments—leaving our reception through a tunnel of bubbles—is so strong that we still feel it every time we watch.


The clarity of the video and the professional angles of the shots during our ceremony were wonderful.  The key events they captured from our reception were beautiful and gave us a sense of the love we felt from our family and friends that day.  Perhaps our most pleasant surprise was the Wedding Clips portion of the video—which was just a few minutes long filled with great moments throughout our wedding—it was romantic, spontaneous, creative, and simply perfect.


To say we are happy with the video is just not enough. Wedding Concepts Video has provided us with much more than something for our enjoyment. We have been given a precious moment in time…a moment that lives anew with each view of the video. As the years go by we look forward to sharing those memories with our children and grand children, allowing them to share in the birth of our lives together.  We were so blessed by Wedding Concepts Video and highly recommend them to any couple wanting to have their special day preserved in a living, breathing video.

 Thanks Again

Val & Nicole Henry 

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