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How long is too long to wait for proofs?

My wedding was in late August 2009.  Our photographers were great before, during and immediately following the wedding.  It took a little while to get our stuff, had to send a couple reminder emails, but it was within a reasonable amount of time.  

However, we were supposed to get a box full of all of our proofs.  I asked about this in several of my correspondences with them, and finally got an answer in late November 2009, saying they were going to the printers and would be ready in several weeks.  Obviously, it's now February and no word.  I sent an email last week and another today asking for a status update.  

If anyone has experience with how long proof collections take to print and could let me know if this is too long that would be very appreciated.  Is this getting into fishy territory?  

Re: How long is too long to wait for proofs?

  • pandasquishypandasquishy member
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    I would say yes, that's pretty fishy.  It's been six months!  I would contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they can help get things moving for you.  In the meantime I would try calling them as opposed to e-mailing them; if they answer the phone they can't ignore you like they have been on e-mail.  If they don't answer try calling every day until they do.
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    It seems like a long time to me, especially since they said they would be ready in a couple of weeks and they weren't. How long does you contract say it would take to get your proofs?
  • lavalorelavalore member
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    My sister photographers contract said 2-4 weeks for the online proof gallery. Her's were up in 3 weeks. And when she ordered prints from the website she got her prints in a week and a half.
    Your photographer is definitely taking too long. You need to visit them if you can, and even report them to the BBB (i wouldnt do this until you actually get your pictures though)
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    Wow, that's way too long to be waiting for proofs.  Did you get to see any online proofs?  I think the usual turn around is 4-6 weeks to get proofs.  We had online proofs and received a DVD of all of our pictures within a month of our wedding.  I would contact them again and let them know if you don't get your proofs in one week you will be taking further action.
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  • andreagornoandreagorno member
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    I'm having the same problem!  I was married in mid October 2009 and have yet to see any proof online or in print.  Our photographer is supposed to deliver an album with all of the printed proofs and a website where we can order copies from.  When contacted in November she said that the average wait is 8 weeks or more.  When contacted in January she said we'd definitely have our proofs before late February.  It is now March and I haven't received nor heard anything from her.  She's been paid in full so I'm left sitting here waiting. 
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