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Polaroid Photographer?

For some reason I really want polaroids at our wedding. Does anyone know where I can find a polaroid photographer that can take pictures of guests sort of like a photo booth idea but with polaroid?

Re: Polaroid Photographer?

  • Original Polaroid was discontinued in 2008. There are still some products out there but they aren't as readily available as they were back when it was in production. Basically, it's stuff that's been refrigerated since 2008. I'm not sure of the cost of tracking it down and purchasing it.

    Polaroid offers new products like this camera/printer:

    If you're looking for a vendor to hire, your best bet is to try your local board (see column on the left) This is an international board so most of us are likely not familiar with vendors in your area.

  • Jaime E.Jaime E. member
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    Polaroid is REALLY expensive and like Laura said, they've discontinued most of the film. I would recommend getting a "portrait station" style photobooth and that can print a polaroid style print on demand or have a gallery with images to purchase later for your guests. I know of a few labs that offer a polaroid looking print, and if you find a photographer with a portrait style booth, it might be the best and most cost effective way to get what you want. 
  • casymecasyme member
    Or, if it's just the retro look of photographs from Polaroids that you like, do searches for local photographers that do lomography, which is exactly that.
  • Hello there, 
    What made polaroids polaroids is the fact that they were snapshots, I recommend that you buy a polaroid pogo camera (hunt ebay for around $70) and you can get 80 shots for $20. Since it is also digital, you get to keep the photos and give away the prints. Polaroid SX70 is what most people have in mind for polaroid but each shot will cost you a buck.
    Hope that helps
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