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Random engagement photo questions - help please!

My FI and I have very different styles - I am dressy often (for work) and he is a bit of a nerd so he does the whole ripped jeans, gamer t-shirt, and skater shoes thing. I'm having a hard times finding outfits for us that coordinate together but that also look like something we both would wear. We only have one hour for this shoot so we have time for just one outfit. Any suggestions?

Also, should one go and get their hair and makeup done? I'm comfortable with how I do mine but I'm also nervous that the day of the shoot it won't come out how I want it and I'll kick myself for doing it ..

Thanks! =]
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Re: Random engagement photo questions - help please!

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    I think there is definitely a way to match your two styles. Think of it as those brides who wear a beautiful dress on their wedding day while their groom and groomsmen wear sneakers or chucks with their tuxes. Obviously you won't be THAT dressed up for your photos but I think it can totally work. If you want to wear something a little snazzier then have him where nice jeans with a gamer tee and blazer over top, with either nice shoes or sneakers. Totally Hollywood :)

    As long as you stay true to both of you, I think they will turn out super cute!
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