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XP: How many photographers

Also going to post this in Chit Chat...

Initially we had only one photographer booked but our guest list keeps rising! Anticipating about 250 guests. Not sure if anyone out there has had this experience and wished they would have had two photographers booked? I would need to hire the additional photographer asap, but I'm looking at an additional $750 with dinner for him/her. Just wondering if others thought it was necessary?

If it matters, ceremony and reception at same location... Photographer will start at my parents house where girls getting ready, then just meet everyone at venue.

Re: XP: How many photographers

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    With that high of a guest list I would :)
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    I guess it depends on how many shots you want and what you want them of.  Are you worried that your single photographer is not going to be able to catch every shot that you want?  Are you expecting to get at least one photo of every guest (tricky, no matter how many photographers you have)?

    Make a list of your must-take photos and ask yourself if it is too much for one person to handle, then you'll be on the right track.

    Most people can do just fine with a single shooter, as long as they communicate with their photographer and let him/her know what is expected.
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