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To Take Engagement photos or not?

Hey Ladies!! I need major help with this!! Our wedding photographer is a friend who lives 4 hours from us, and will be only taking our wedding pics. I can't figure out though if we should take engagement pics at a local photography studio because my FI and I are trying to loose weight before the wedding and make a lifestyle change so we're both healthier. He is game for it, but doesn't want to do it until like Aug or Sept... is that too late for our Dec wedding? What exactly should we do with them if we do get them taken?? HELP!!! 
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Re: To Take Engagement photos or not?

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    Breathe :)  People take engagement photos for various reasons.  Some send announcements.  Some use them on pre-wedding materials -- STDs, invites, website, etc.  Some use them at the wedding -- slideshow, table numbers, guest book.  Aug & September would be plenty of time for most of those things (except STDs).

    Others do an engagement session to get used to the camera.  If this is your objective, then I would recommend using the same photographer so you get a sense of their style, poses, where they stand, etc.  Otherwise, I would pick a local photographer with a similar style just to get more used to the giant lenses pointed at your face from all directions at all times.  It's kind of an odd experience if you're not used to it!
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    We are getting married in August and got our engagement pictures done in April so I think if you go in August for your December wedding you will be fine.  We are using the same photographer for our wedding as we did for our engagement but since you know your wedding photographer it's not so much about getting to know that person.  As for what to do with your pictures pp pretty much covered all of that.  We got a photo book with our engagement sitting and we decided that we wanted to make the photo book into our guest book for the wedding, it turned out real nice and I didn't like the traditional plain lined paper look of the guest books.  So now after the wedding when we pull out our book from our engagement sitting we can see who all signed (there is room for people to write messages as well) and what they wrote to us.  Hope this helps!
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    To be honest, I don't think it matters when you get them done. It is probably a good idea to get them done closer to the wedding though! August would be a perfect time to get them. My fiance and I got engaged in December and our wedding is next July. We had our engagement photos taken a few weeks after the engagement. The pictures are gorgeous and we are happy with the results, but since then we have been dieting and exercising in preparation for the wedding. I am 1 size down and my fiance is between 2 and 3. We look very different in our engagement photos! I think you are doing it the best. And it's your wedding, do whatever makes you happy!
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