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Tips in Choosing Wedding Party Photo

When you hold a wedding party, I’m really sure you will always preparing for a photo to captured your best moment in your life. There are some tips for you in choosing wedding party photo:

1. Package with an expensive price is not a guarantee that you will get good quality. The photography quality paper not only associated with the costs to incur.


2. Photo studio. If you choose to take a photo in studio pictures that have more than one photographer, make sure you know the true results of their work. You can pick and choose which photographer you'd like to work together. Before the day of the shooting came, a time to first meet with the photographer. Your photo will be part of the addition to the documentation will also be a work of art, so the chemistry and understanding between you, your spouse, and the photographer must be built first before the shooting is done. It's also useful to know the style that suits you and your partner.

3. Lighting. The gradation of white wedding dress will look pretty sharp. For this reason, you have to reflect it on the three-dimensional glass, not only on a flat mirror as you normally do.

4. Negative photo. Ask negative photo from your photographer. With negative photo, you can print your favorite moment by yourselves.


5. Contract. If you make an agreement about the wedding pictures, for example, the numbers of photos that you will receive also get your photo on a CD or not, do not just put faith in the words alone. Make sure that you have a written agreement with the studio or individual photographers who will capture the memories of you and your partner. The simplest form of written agreement is proof of payment with details of products and services that you will receive as a consumer.

6. Last suggestion chooses a full time photographer, not a part time one. This is because usually full time photographer has full and total attention on their photo work.  So check out:

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