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Is anyone having trouble finding photographers who can produce a traditional photo album with real photos, instead of photos printed on a page? I've only found one who does this, and his work is great, but very traditional. I'd like a mix of traditional and artistic/journalistic photography. The photographers I've found who work in the artistic/journalistic style provide only coffee table, flush mount or story book albums. (I'm new to this so I might be mixing up the names). Admittedly I'm looking at photographers in a small-ish town, but there are at least 20 or so photographers in the area who do weddings, and I've only found the one who can do traditional albums. Are these not done anymore?

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    You could either ask the traditional photog if he is willing to include some photojournalistic shots or ask the artistic photogs if they could create that specific type of album for you. If you really admire the artistic/photojournalistic approach I'd personally go with that style photographer. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos wishing they had been captured differently. 

    In my experience photogs shooting digital will offer coffee table books, ect since they can artistically compile that type of media from your digital photo files. Photogs shooting on 35mm film usually offer a lesser amount of shots during the event and must process each print and compile them for you to proof. I think the majority of brides today like the option of more photos during their event and more artistic creativity in their album design, so digital photography and photo books are becoming more popular than traditional albums with paper photos.
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    This is Eric from Perfect Day Photography.  We still carry a full line of traditional photo albums.  Feel free to call us at 856-241-3850.  Or, See our ad here on the knot and best of the knot for 3 years.  Call and we will see what we can do to help you.
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    My studio offers them still, but times have changed and they are not ordered very often by clients, the trend has moved towards the coffee table styled album.  The benefits of this are that it is digitally laid out so you can see it before it goes to print... traditional albums are hand assembled, that's a lot of time and therefore money for the company to pay someone to put them together and lay them out.  You are then paying for the album, the matting, the photographs, and the assembly as opposed to just a book.  If absolute worse comes to worse, you can always fly a photographer in that has the style photography and products you want, or hire 2 separate companies one to photograph and the other to create the album.
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