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Photography in Jax

Hi everyone!  Any have any feed back on good photographers in Jacksonville?  Any comments on Corinna Hoffman?

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    You might be able to find more help over on your local board.

    I went to a wedding down there a few months ago.  All I can give is a negative review for Naturally Photography.  My friend hired them and I was not at all impressed with their pictures- they did no editing or deleting of photos before posting and left a few VERY unflattering pictures of the bride and her family.  All in all I think they just snapped pictures and put them on a website.

    Goodluck!  Btw I like Corinna's style :)
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    Please check out my website. I am priced fairly. I will have new wedding photos up by the end of the week. I can email you pictures sooner if you provide your email address.
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    Post this on the North Florida board, or actually just look on there because there was a recent post and I think it's still at the top.  You can find it in the light blue column on the left under Local Wedding Boards.  Good luck! 
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    Try this photographer...she's got a special deal going on where she'll come to shoot your wedding (wherever you are) without additional travel charges (she's from Chicago)

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    Have you thought about bringing a photographer from another State?

    That is what few of my clients did... MY name is Pasha, with Pasha Belman Photography. I am based in Myrtle Beach SC but I travel all over :)

    you can check any of those sites.. and friend me on facebook to see updates :)

    Thank you and Congratulations.. 


    Pasha Belman Photography
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