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I am looking at photographer websites and googling images for a "must-take" list for my photog.....I am having a hard time finding a list that is good for my casual wedding.  I want the traditional shots, but some odd shots too to kind of pop.  Any ideas where I can find some samples to give to my photog?!

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    If you google "must take photos" you will get a ton of examples - both trendy and classical. I created a folder on my computer and saved unique examples to show my photographer.
    Best of luck.
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    I have a Must-Take section in my bio you can check out but they are mostly non-traditional type photos.  They aren't mine though!
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    get a must-take list and then go through it line by line.  Add what you want and take away what you don't.  A good photography shouldn't need to me micromanaged, so I'd really only include what is absolutely necessary.  You don't want your photographer wasting time checking off a list, so I wouldn't be too detailed.  I'm giving my photography a few pages of photos I've found online of other weddings and really liked the look/style of, so he'll know what I like and an abbreviated list of absolute must-haves.  Otherwise, I'm going to trust that he's a professional.  
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    I like the rings in the bible making a heart shot. There is an example here:
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