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Thoughts on having 2 different Photographers

I have a deposit with Photo. group A and all is well, BUT I recently found a photographer I LOVE.  Photo. group B is a husband and wife team.  I prefer group B, I like their style, they have a talented eye and have lots of glowing recommendations. 
I think it is worth the $$$$ to have them to capture the moments of my day.
Do I keep group A, it is not worth losing the deposit. Can 2 different photographer companys work well together? 
Should I assign different tasks?
Has anyone tried this?

Re: Thoughts on having 2 different Photographers

  • KatMoonKatMoon member
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    Most photographers will actually have an "exclusive photographer" clause in their contract - meaning there can only be one "official" photographer. If A and B have never worked together, I would strongly advise against using both - you'll have egos in the way, two completely different styles and twice the cost.

    Have you seen complete wedding from B, have you met with them in person and  - most importantly - have you actually called their references? If you absolutely love B, I would probably cancel with A, have them keep the deposit and stick with the choice you're 100% happy with.

    But it also can't hurt to contact both, A and B, so see if they'd even be willing to shoot with another company/team.
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    You should check with the photographers before you sign anything new. Most photographers have a non-compete clause in their contract, stating that they will be the exclusive photographer at the wedding. If you hire two without their consent it could be considered a breach of contract and legally they both could just leave and legally keep your money without having to take a single picture. If you really love photographer B you should consider if perhaps it is worth it to just lose the deposit with photographer A (but make sure B has your date available before you cancel anything!)
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    ITA with PP's. I had a student photographer shadow my professional photographer, however before I asked the student about doing the wedding I asked my professional photographer permission. He didn't have a problem with a student shadowing him for experience, I don't think he would have appreciated another professional there the day of. If your contracted photographer has an issue with this idea you may have lose your deposit, if you prefer using the husband/wife team. Best of luck.
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    Hi, I am professional photographer from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Regarding hiring the second team of photographers: If photography is important to you I suggest you trust your instincts and go with the second photographers. I think it is so important to have a good connection with your photographer. They will be very present with you on your wedding day. I know for me that I make my best images when I have a great connection with my couples.

    In regards to having two separate photographers shooting, I would counsul against this. I do put in my contract that I will be the exclusive professional photographer on the day of the wedding. I suggest having both groups there would be uncomfortable for both and this could spill over into the vibe of your wedding day. Perhaps, if available, you could have the original photographers shoot your rehearsal dinner or some other event associated with your wedding.

    Best of luck,
    Jane Bernard, photographer
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    I think I would probably end up going with photographers B if you really like them better.  You don't want to have any regrets afterwards about not having the photographers you really want!
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    Thanks for the great advice girls!
    Reveiwed the contacts  AND spoke to both parties.
    Decided to hire both.
    I will have Photo. A go my FI family home to cover the morning of, family photos and groom up to the kiss and Photo B do the same for me and my Family.
    During the ceromony and reception each photo. will have general focus with some overlay.

    No worries problems solved. 
    On to my next task!
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