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Bridal Portaits???

My fiance and I plan on taking engagement pictures so i'll have to do hair, nails, and make up for that.  With that being said, i'm so not feeling the idea of getting all dressed up (hair, make up, nails, etc) TWICE before the wedding...once for engagement pictures and once for bridal portraits.  Plus, I'm sure I can steal 20 mins of the photographers time and have him take solo pictures of me on my wedding day.  Anyone have thoughts on bridal portraits?  Are they necessary?  Not necessary?  Thanks!

Re: Bridal Portaits???

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    I know it's a southern wedding tradition to do a bridal portrait session prior to the wedding day and display a photo from session at the reception. Some brides choose to pair that bridal portrait session with a hair and makeup trial to achieve good feel for their final look on their wedding day. It's totally up to you if you omit this session, or just work it into your actual wedding day. I chose to have our photog capture some formal portraits of myself, parents and bridal party the day of the wedding before the ceremony. HTH
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    I did not do bridal portraits because of the added expense and because it was my second wedding.  I did want a few pictures of me in my dress though so I just asked my photographer to take some pictures of me alone on the wedding day.
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    I would just ask the photog to take some alone pictures the day off. If you do it another day that is added expense, and leading up to the wedding you are going to be so busy as is, let alone taking a day to get pictures done! 
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    I wanted bridal portraits, but like you didn't feel like going before the wedding.  I also really wanted to enjoy my cocktail hour... but since the ceremony and reception were back-to-back, didn't have a ton of time.  I ended up doing a 'special reveal' before the ceremony, where I saw my husband for the first time.  Then we took all of the bridal portraits, couples shots, family portraits, and bridal party shots before the wedding started.  I'd highly recommend this.  It was still super romantic, and I actually enjoyed my wedding!
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