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I am  searching for some photographers and I cam across one called Photomuse photography, has anyone ever heard of them or perhaps have and reviews?

Thank You

Re: Reviews!!!

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    I haven't heard of them, but check them out on This site usually has lots of really helpful reviews.

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but I would highly, HIGHLY recommend my photographer, Kirsten Zarek of Kirsten Zarek Photography. She moved to Maryland recently, but she's traveled far and wide to shoot weddings in the past (Florida, Texas, and many other places I can't recall). She is unbelievably talented. She took our engagement photos and every single person who's seen them has commented on how great the photos are, how great we look in them, how original her photo ideas are, etc.

    Her website is If you go to Galleries and then Weddings, the first 12 photos (I'm the redhead) are some of our engagement photos (she shot us for 2 hours in 3 locations). Hope you like her!
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    great thanks for your advice and reccomendations. I will def check this out, I really like using this knot post board its sooo helpful..
    Congrats and thanks :)
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