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Hello all!
I am looking for a low cost photographer and I stumbled upon the Pros.  I live in St. Louis MO and was looking for anyone in the area who has used them.  It worries me to go with a national company but the prices are so low I don't know if I can pass them up.  Any good or bad experiences? 


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    I almost went with them for everything, but the more I read about their reliability and quality and people's overall experiences, I cancelled my contract and was able to get my deposit back (you have a week to do so). A lot of what I was finding were people who had booked one photographer and then had one show up that they'd never met, or none show up at all. Some of their customers who'd hired their videographer services claimed the videographer that was sent had been pulled off of Craigslist.

    Maybe brides in your area have had better luck (try posting on your local board). Just do your research before you commit to them. I learned that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck.
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    every year i get at least one email asking my studio to fix the pros photography, they are not photographers, they are headhunters.  The pros literally charge you money then go and find a local photographer to show up and take images.  if you are paying them a low fee, then they are obviously paying an even lower fee for the photography so they make profit, you'll get what you pay for... even if your top priority is cost, find a photographer on your own, dont hire them to find one for you.

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    Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
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    I personally would scout a photog student or up and comer over Pros.  In our area, some have had good experiences but their rep is not so hot.  You only get one shot (hopefully) so IMO I would want to know all about the actual photog.
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    HORRIBLE!  I used them (Michael B. after reading his comments from previous customers---I now think they're all made up!) and he was totally unprofessional and I am so disappointed.  Some of my pictures are nice but I am left desiring so much more.  I wish that I had gone with someone else....  :(

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