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Lamar Wedding Center, Montclair, NJ ***WARNING***

There are no words to describe my disgust for my photographer.  We booked our photographer through Lamar Wedding Center in Montclair, NJ.  They contract with multiple photographers and it's a crap shoot who you get.  I did however have my choice between two.

I opted for the photographer, Juan Carlos.  BIG MISTAKE!  While he was dressed professionally and was very pleasant, I was outraged when I received my proof book.  There are no photos of my parents or my husband's parents in a portrait photo of themselves, there are very, very few candid shots, he took not one photo of the cocktail hour and only four photos of the hospitality half hour before the ceremony.  Oh, but I have plenty of photos of the backs of people's heads.  It is clear from the lack of variety that he did not move around the reception, but rather stayed on one side.

We chose an album for ourselves to include 30 photos and we don't have enough photos to choose from.  I called to complain and was shocked to find out that there is a chance the photograher doesn't give Lamar Wedding Center all of the photos they shoot.  To top it off, the a$$()&^ deletes all of the photos he shoots for a wedding after 30 days, yet it took 28 days for the proof book to be ready, and I wasn't able to pick it up until the 31st day.

I do not, under any circumstance, recommend booking your photography services through Lamar Wedding Center.  You would be better off asking your guests to send you the digital images they took and make your own album on Snapfish.

Re: Lamar Wedding Center, Montclair, NJ ***WARNING***

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    I was a guest at this wedding and was wondering where the photographer was all night.  I even mentioned to my fiance that I didn't notice any flashes going off nearby at any point during the wedding and didn't that seem unusual.  I had bad feelings about this particular photographer as soon as I saw him and made a comment to a friend like "Who let that sleezy looking guy in?....Oh, he is the photographer I guess, he is carrying a camera"....Didn't see him lift it up to shoot though!  Do NOT use Lamar.  I know I won't even consider them for my upcoming wedding after witnessing this terrible lack of professionalism at Jess's wedding.
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