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Alternative to Videographer?

FI and I are hoping not to have to pay an exorbitant amount for a videographer. We basically only want the ceremony on video, and it doesn't need to be Oscar-worthy, or even edited, we just want the raw footage. I've spoken to several videographers, and they're asking upwards of $1000 just for this! Can anyone think of an alternative?

Re: Alternative to Videographer?

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    Are there any colleges in your area that offer videography as a course of study? If so maybe you could contact someone in the department to see if any of the students would like to do the ceremony as a project. You could also enlist a family member to shoot the video for you.
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    Ask around - I found my videographer and he slashed the price in half if we only wanted the ceremony and main events at the reception fully edited.
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    When all is said and done, the only thing that remains of the day will be your photos and videos. I would find something else to cut before I cut either.  We are doing without limos.  And I am making my own invites. Rehearsal dinner will be at my parents house. The rehersal dinner savings alone paid for the video. My parents have a wedding video and I treasure it. It may not seem so worth it to you right now, but your kids and grand kids will be so happy you got one.
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    Get a pro videographer. Shop around. Ask around. There is a big difference between a professional filming your ceremony and your uncle. A videographer uses wireless microphones. You will be able to hear your vows as opposed to someone just holding a camera. A friend of ours got to hear how fat she looked in her gown from the people in the last row and didn't get to hear her vows. 
    A pro will use a tripod and/or know how to keep the camera steady so you don't get motion sickness. there are HUGE reasons why you should hire a pro.
    My cousin hired a college student and he took her $500.00 and disappeared. A pro won't do that if you get someone established. 
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