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Where to get prints?

We just received our wedding photos on DVDrom. We can purchase the photos through a website and pay shipping (we used Wedding Bug) or we can get them printed elsewhere. Can anyone suggest a good photo printing place or website? How can we determine what kind of quality the finished product will have?

Re: Where to get prints?

  • What are you using them for? For the 4x6 and 5x7 prints I wanted for picture frames around the house and at work, I just went to Walgreens. They're cheap and have regular quality prints, just like you'd get developing them at any other camera place. I personally think paying $16 for a 4x6 through my photographer is ridiculous and you can barely tell any difference in quality.

    Now for the large 3' by 4' WP pic we had done to hang as a focal piece, I did that through our photographer. We had gotten a photo credit with our package so it wasn't outrageously expensive. A print that large, I'd want done through a photographer or professional photo place.

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  • Don't go through Walgreens/Walmart/Target for any photos--yes they may be cheap and convenient, but the pictures will come out looking wrong or off.  I like ezprints.com for printing out pictures, the quality is outstanding, the prices are very comparable to Walmart, etc., you can get all different types of sizes, and they have a bunch of different types of finishes, though lustre is always nicest for portraits.  Shutterfly is also really nice and the quality is good too; they stick to the standard frame sizes. 

    The mistake I made five years ago when I was printing out my wedding pics was not getting my frames first and then ordering prints, it is a lot harder to find frames for 12 x 18 than it is for 11 x 14!  But I really like ezprints any time I have to print out pictures for family members.  =)
  • I love Shutterfly! They often offer free photos from time to time. I think I only ever paid once to get photos, but that's because I had no deals and really wanted to get my photos developed. 
  • A good online site to use is mpix.com.  Prints are very affordable, yet the print quality is professional.  If you are looking for a local place, check listings for actual camera shops.  These places usually develop pictures much more professional looking.  Avoid places like Walmart, Walgreens, etc. like the plague.  You will get off colors, less selection of good papers, etc. 

    I am a photographer and the one thing that terrifies me most is having a bride go take my images to get developed at someplace like Walgreens and then blame me for weird colors, etc.
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