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would you want a picture like this from your wedding?

this is my first time on this board - hey y'all! - but I found this picture last night and had to share. I can't get the pic to load for some reason but you can see here on my blog. I was really weirded out! I mean, I know it's funny that bridesmaids have to hold your dress while you pee.... but this was on a professional photographer's WEBSITE!!! a- I wouldn't want it on the website! b- I wouldn't want it in my wedding album!!

does anyone like this? is this a new must-have that I'm just not appreciating?!?

Re: would you want a picture like this from your wedding?

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    Not to mention that BM on the right is very nearly having a wardrobe malfunction.
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    In Response to Re: would you want a picture like this from your wedding?:
    [QUOTE]Not to mention that BM on the right is very nearly having a wardrobe malfunction.
    Posted by purplepeopleeater11[/QUOTE]

    I know!! poor choice on bm dresses.... skanky.
  • lana2007lana2007 member
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    Bad subject. Bad quality photography.
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  • MsAmanda923MsAmanda923 member
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    umm... WOW... That's all I can say...  I would NEVER want someone to take a picture of me on the toilet... Bad taste...
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    Honestly? I get it. And I might even take it myself, in the same situation. (I don't wear foofy dresses, so I'd never have it taken of me.) How many times in various sitcoms have we seen something similar? It's well done for what it is, very photojournalistic in feel, and if you're doing a timeline style set of photos, it's certainly an interesting addition.
  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    No, but I'm pretty traditional and conservative.  I've seen similar pictures of the guys looking like they're peeing or giving the finger or looking at a porn magazine.  To each their own, I suppose, but it's definintely not me.
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    If I had anticipated capturing that "shot" my photog would have done so with a little more taste. We most likely would have stopped at the stall door with giggles and grins, leaving the actual event go unphotographed. To each their own??
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  • jerseydeviljerseydevil member
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    Definitely unusual, but IMO the most graphic part of it is the bm who is about to fall out of her dress! Surprised

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    Hmm, maybe for a bridesmaid who is very blessed in the chest, a modesty panel would do some good.  Wow.  I didn't even see that the bride was trying to use the toilet.  CRAZY. No, I wouldn't want that pic! 
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  • HaylaCHaylaC member
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    i'm all in support of creativity and making something your own, but for christ sake.  Bit too far.

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  • mpbrocksmpbrocks member
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    I agree. That is just skanky!!
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