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How many images are typical?

We just got our digital proofs to look at on an online photo gallery.  We paid for 6 hours  and received roughly 400 images, 1/3 of which are the same shot, just in black and white or sepia.  Is this a normal amount of proofs to get back?  I feel like it really isn't that many and that we are missing a big chunk of our wedding time.  For example we only had 43 proofs from our reception, which was about 2 hours of the photographers time.  What has everyone else gotten?

Re: How many images are typical?

  • morainemommorainemom member
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    Every photographer is different in regards to proofs received.
    For my daughter's wedding, the photographer was there for 9 hours and we received over 1300 high resolution, digital images.

    We had less than 25 of those being the same shot but in black and white or sepia.

    If I were you, I would phone the photographer and ask if there were any more photos from your wedding.
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    We had our photographer for 8 hours and received about 950 proofs. There were maybe 20 shots shown repeatedly. Hopefully they captured the most important moments for you! Was there anything in your contract that specified the estimated number of shots?
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    To me that seems on the low side for digital proofs. Was there any minim number guaranteed in your contract?
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    HI.  I am not married yet, but we do have our photographer.  The number of proofs was really important to me because I want everything captured.  Our photographer gives us appx 1500 of the "best" proofs, but also gives us every proof he takes on a flash drive.  He said for our whole day (12 hours with 2 photographers) we will end up with about 4,000 proofs.  I thought that seemed like a TON, but if you break it down, it is 12 hours of photography and 2 photographers, so right off the bat you have to figure that is twice the number of proofs than with just one photographer.
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  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    What the heck do you do with 4,000 images? That's just insane. What it tells me that photographers that provide that many are just shooting for the sake of getting images, and not for quality and really catching a moment.
    My photog told me  to expect 600 for 6 hours of photography.
    Are they going to edit your images. all 4 thousand of them ? Or just give you what came out without even looking at them? Scary!
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    we also will have 12 hour coverage with two photographers. our photographer told us we will get about 60 to 70 images for every hour, so roughly 700 to 800 proofs. most of the photographers we spoke to said they would try to include as many of the best shots as possible and many of the pictures end up being doubles, people with their eyes closed, etc, so they don't bother including those. personally, i think that 700 is plenty and almost overkill when trying to decide the 50 or so to go in an album.
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    Our contract specified unlimited images and we receive 200 4X6 hard copies of our favorites and a low-res CD.  I am a bit unhappy because there weren't even 200 that I really even want.  Many also had people with their eyes closed and one had the phototag's assistant walking right in front of the camera!   I emailed our photographer to ask if there were any pictures that she just didn't include on the online gallery because she didn't think them "good enough" but haven't heard back yet.  Right now I am just sad because we have hardly any friends or family pictures outside of our wedding party and immediate family.
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    We will have the photographer for 10 hours and will receive a minimum of 1,000 proofs.
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    Thanks :o) I have an idea now
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