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Hey girls, I need advice on a photo app for my wedding.

So aside from hiring a photographer, I wanted to use one of these wedding photo apps that allow my guest to take and upload photos into a shared album from their smart phones. I narrowed my list down to two: Wedding snap and CapsuleCam. 

Wedding snap seems to be it, but it is so expensive!

While CapsuleCam is completely free, but seems too good to be true.

Have any of you ever used one of these services for your wedding? I'd like to try out CapsuleCam to help me save money, but I don't want it to let me down! The idea of having a seperate digital album put together by my family and friends sounds so nice.


Re: Hey girls, I need advice on a photo app for my wedding.

  • I went to a wedding recently that used loved it and am now planning on using it at my wedding!  I signed up for their waitlist and emailed them w a few questions and they got back to me right away - great customer services, iOS and android, free, and the app is really awesome...
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