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Fun photography ideas?

Has anybody got any fun and unusual photography ideas? I've seen quite a few fun ideas on Pinterest, like taking a photo of the couple through the wedding ring, or a picture of the grooms party holding bouquets! Just wondering if anyone has any fun tips or ideas for cool photos? :-) Thanks!

Re: Fun photography ideas?

  • I would talk to your photographer. They should have some neat ideas; I know ours came up with some things I wouldn't have even thought of.

    One photo I really liked (if you are not doing a first look and don't want to see each other beforehand) is to have the B&G stand on either side of a door frame and hold hands around the door without actually seeing each other. I also saw one on Pinterest of the B&G on either side of a door reading each others' cards to one another at the same time. The emotion on their faces was amazing and it was a beautiful shot.

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  • Pinterest is great for ideas -  Make sure you tell your photographer you are looking for fun shots, and ask them if they have any ideas, or even just remind them to be open to looking for those kinds of shots.
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