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How did you narrow it down?

How did you narrow down your photographers other than basic style and budget? I'm having trouble looking at their websites and determining which photographers are better than others. Do you have any tips or suggestions of things to look at?

Re: How did you narrow it down?

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    Honestly it really depends on what you want and how you do your research. For example there are some photographers that have been in the line of work but they are starting their own business so they'll be charging less. How many hours you hire them for, if you only want one or two photographers. If you'll have an engagement shoot. My suggestion is to narrow down your photographers and meeting up with them. They'll work with you and your budget.
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    I think the main criteria after style and budget is personality. You will be spending spending a fair bit of time with them on a stressful day - you want to make sure that the photographer's personality meshes with yours and your FI's. Once you narrow it down to a few, meet with them if you can to get a feel for how they deal with people.
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    Thanks. Personality is definitely important.
    Do you have any suggestions of things that I can find on their websites to narrow it down? Basically I have a list of over 50 photographers and I'm trying to pull out the ones that aren't as good.
    Most of what photographers show on their websites are the shots of dress/shoe/program details that anybody can take and shots of the interaction between bride and groom but they're just shooting what is happening in front of them. Both of those things don't really show specific talent.
    Should I look at more posed shots like engagement and bridal party to see how creative they are? Should I eliminate the ones that don't show more than 10-12 wedding pictures?
    Or should I just contact all 50+ photographers, see which ones fit my budget the best, and then meet with several so I can eliminate by personality?
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    What style are you looking for? For example I wanted a photographer that wouldn't be telling me pose like this and then like this... I mean it's okay for the "traditional" pics but I also wanted someone who would capture those intimate details that happen in two seconds so a photojournalist was for me. My photographer does not use flash which was a huge thing for me because I don't like the ugly glare/shadows that come with flash sometimes. Look at their engagement and wedding photos (like first dance, cake cutting) and eliminate the ones that don't interest you at all. Once you find photos that you want yours to look like then meet with them.

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    I want photojournalistic style but with plenty of traditional shots and maybe a little artsy thrown in. That might be asking a lot. But I know for engagements we're definitely going to need some direction or we'll just be hugging/kissing the whole time, because neither of us are good models. Laughing
    But I agree. I don't want my photographer to stand there and direct the entire time. That just turns everything into a big photoshoot which is not what a wedding day is about.
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    Calling them will definitely help narrow them down.  You can also look them up on the knot by price to eliminate any that dont fit your budget.  Also ask them for other brides they shot in the last 6 months and chat with them for referrals to see what they did and didnt like about them.  Insurance!  Make sure they have a good policy, the photos are irreplaceable and in the age of digital anyone can buy a big camera for a few hundred dollars that looks impressive, but doesnt take great quality, or they dont know how to use it, make sure if you are unhappy with the results there will be something to go after.  Make sure they have back up equipment.  Make sure you view an entire wedding start to finish and not just their best of reel.  Your day is beautiful on it's own they dont need to pose or stage anything it will happen naturally.  
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