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Problem with photographer post wedding

My husband and I got married in August of 2012.

I was living in a different city from my fiancé and photographer as a result we didn’t have our engagement photos done until6 weeks before the wedding. Within a week of having our engagement photos taken we had the proofs and were told to pick 20 photos from each photographer (we had 2).  With all the business of last minute wedding plans and going on our honeymoon we didn’t respond with our 40 picks until Labour Day week end.

Within two weeks of our wedding our lead photographer had sent us his proofs from the wedding, and the second photographer sent hers’ after we sent the engagement photos. We didn’t get any information on our engagement photos, I casually mentioned to my MIL that this was the case; she sometimes works with our photographer at her catering job.  In mid-November our photographer e-mailed us saying he herd we were trying to get a hold of him. I responded that we were just looking for an update on our engagement photos; no response.

My husband and I were really busy after getting married we both moved, I started a new job, so we didn’t pick our 230 photos to have processed until December. So I sent out an e-mail with our list of photos to be processed, and mentioned that I hadn’t received our engagement photos yet. It’s important to note that I made an error and only sent this e-mail to our second photographer, who responded by sending her engagement photos. Six weeks after this e-mail, I e-mailed our lead photographer asking for an update which is when I realized my mistake. I corrected it by sending our lead photographer the list.  He responded saying that he would get started right away and sends us the first 25 when they were ready; no mention of engagement photos.  Seven weeks later (our contract says 6 weeks turnaround time) I e-mailed him asking for an update on our missing engagement photos and our wedding photos.

I just need some advice on what steps to take next.

Re: Problem with photographer post wedding

  • It shouldn't take this long.  two weeks at the most for an e-shoot.  I'm sure they are edited.  Just tell him to put them on a DVD and get them to you!  Remind him of what the contract says.  And...why are you having to pick out just 230 images?  Gesh!  Good luck!
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    I think you should just kindly email him and say, "I know we were late with picking out our 20 engagement photos (and we realize your working hard on our wedding photos), but we are eagar to receive our engagment photos.  When would you be able to send them?

    I can understand how he would have forgotten; it's kinda like waitressing, lol.  Once you're serving the main course, (he) is no longer thinking about the "appetizers" because traditionally, that portion of the service is already finished.... does that make sense?

    I wouldn't be mad with him; we're all human :)

    However, if he still doesn't give you the engagement photos until after you receive your wedding photos..... then it might be time to start getting annoyed

  • I am currently working with my photographer to get my wedding album done. It's just overwhelming having to go through all these pictures and narrow it down to which ones we want. However, my photographer gave me a timeline of how long it will take him to design the album once he had our picks. 

    I don't care if you are late to your pictures, what if you hadn't been this late...would he be taking his sweet time to get them to you? You can't blame him for the time that you took in your selection but his delivery from that point on shouldn't be affected. 
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    In your contract it should state what would happen if you did not respond in time. If it does not, tell him you want your images like now. My photographer's policy is if she is late, I get a refund and I get ALL images on disc with the copyright in hand. Meaning she releases them to me. I always get my photos including my wedding portraits editted in a week. Yes 7 days. She has done my engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and family portraits. and I have never had an issue. The contract is the rule and if they are not responding get your money back. 
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