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Outdoor Shopping mall

My wedding venue has nothing much going for it on the outside (so there's not that many photo ops)
So I was thinking the type of feel i wanted for my wedding day pictures, was something very "sex in the city " ish / Pictures in downtown of a city with tall buildings and in the street.

From the church to downtown is approx 20 minutes & Im Kind of already pushing on time for the "in between pics"

So I thought of Doing pictures at my local outdoor shopping mall where theres the Top-notch stores (richy richy places)

some photo ops i can use:
They have a staircase/ water fountain/ plenty of tables and chairs outside/ tall building factor/ movie theater (if i decide to take pictures inside) and still the outdoor feel that i want except cleaner !

Has anyone considered this? Or will be taking picutes just in there local town around the streets?

Re: Outdoor Shopping mall

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    I think you have good ideas, but take into consideration how large your wedding party is and how much time you're going to have.  The more people you want to move around and take pictures, the more of a hassle it is.  If it's just photos of the two of you, you might want to consider having the photos done on a different day just so you aren't pressed for time.

    Do a Google image search for "urban bridal photos" and "urban wedding photos" for some nice examples.
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