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Ok i have a question and don't even know where to begin.  I would love to have some professional  ndue shots shot of myself for my fiance.  But want them tasty and attractive, any one have any ideas?

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    That is called Boudior Photography. Try a google search in your area.
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    You might ask the photographer who is shooting your wedding about boudior images.

    I am a wedding photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have done boudior sessions for some of my wedding clients. These sessions are really special and it builds a bond that carries through on their wedding day. The more comfortable you are with your photographer the better your images will be and the more fun you will have with photographer.

    Jane Bernard, Photographer
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    I want to get these done as well, but the photographer I have is male, and I don't think I would feel very comfortable in my undies in front of a male other than my FI.  I think I'm going to get a female photographer to have them done. 

    If I had to get in done my a male though, I think I would want it to be someone I never see again...not the person who would be photographing my wedding!
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    It is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer! Makes the session more fun and is a major factor in getting great images.

    Jane Bernard, Photographer
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    I'm getting some boudior photos done on April 17th! The woman that is taking them is awesome. She does pin up style and vintage photos and then the tasteful nude photos too. She said that the pictures make you look nude but really you aren't so I won't have to even strip down! Im so excited. If anyone has had them done before what did you think?
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