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What should I do?

So I booked a photographer and paid a deposit but I am not feeling them anymore. Should I just go with them or forget the deposit and book someone else?

Re: What should I do?

  • Your wedding photography is the one thing you should not regret.  It is usually the one permanent memory of your big day and you should trust your gut.  If the person you have already booked with is not the person you want shooting your wedding (and you can live without the deposit), then my opinion is you should do just that. 
  • Check Amar Ramesh Photography on Facebook. Email: He has done some amazing weddings and you won't regret.., his pricing is economical...
  • Mabe you need to have lunch with the photographer and get comfortable with him or her.
    If you know they take good wedding pictures.  I like to have a one on one with my couple so we can get comfortable with each other..  Then have engagement pictures taken and have fun.  You need to figure out why your not feeling him.  Most couple expecially brides need to feel comfortable with the photographer and their pics will come out great,.  Since you have already put down a deposit I would give himj a chance most good photogrraphers know how to have a session with you so they can make you fell relaxed and look great in front of the camera.  If you can't get that from him ask for deposit back mabe he'll give it. If not get another photographer.
  • What is causing your change of heart? Is it something that meeting with your photographer could help? At the very least I would suggest sitting down with them for a cup of coffee, just to "chat about the wedding". If you still aren't feeling right after that-- you may want to consider forfeiting the deposit... But I would strongly suggest meeting with them before you let go of that investment :)
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