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I would beg any bride not to go with The Pros out of Washington/Maryland area.  It was nothing but a nightmare for me.  My husband and I are completely unsatisfied and all they want from us is more money to fix things instead of just making it right. The video literally looked like 'home video' and my cousin's $1000 nikon produced better pictures than the photographer (probably because our cousin actually cared).  These elements are what you take away from a wedding and are one of the most important parts, so it should be just right (especially for how much it cost).  DO NOT GO WITH THE PROS IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL WORK!


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    You've been married almost a year, are you just know seeing your photos/video for the first time?
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    I am sorry you had a bad experience with The Pros.

    For those that don't know, companies like The Pros aren't so much "photography" companies as they are "middle-men" companies that you pay to FIND you a photographer.

    For instance, you pay them $1000, and they turn around and find a Craigslist photographer for $300.  They pocket the $700.

    In a sense, you're paying $1000 for $300 worth of photos.

    If you bring this up to them (or similar companies), they'll try and sweet talk you into thinking you're getting real good deal.  Maybe they'll throw in a cheap Shutterfly album that will fall apart in 6 months.

    However, it's a legit business, and some people don't mind it.  Those are the people that "just need coverage," and would rather go through The Pros for peace of mind.  Hence, the reason why they're still in business.

    Had I seen an ad for The Pros before my wedding, I probably would have hired them, too.  But now that I know better, I'm glad I went with my gut instinct to hire a professional.
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    I'm so sorry for you! You are one of hundreds, maybe thousands who have been screwed over by The Pros. =( I have to ask - why did you choose to go with them? A google search of "The Pros" will bring up literally hundreds of reviews JUST like this one - horrible quality photos, really bad with communication after they get your deposit, sending in substitute photographers whose work is unprofessional, etc. It's just terrible. The previous poster is right on that they will hire anyone off craigslist to shoot your wedding. =(
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    I'm in the Chicago area and currently looking for a photographer.  The Pros were on my list - is it the same company that the poster is talking about from Maryland/DC?  If it is, I'll definitely strike them off my list!
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