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photographer hour length - want to hear from experienced brides

Hi, I am attempting to not over spend but not cut out important things.  How many hours of photography is important on the day of wedding?  I am looking at either 7 hours or 10 hours, both at good rates.  I just want good coverage of the entire day, but want to attempt to maintain a budget.  Please advise.  Thank you...
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Re: photographer hour length - want to hear from experienced brides

  • My sister was married just a few years back and we originally went with 7, but eventually used 8. I think I am personally going to go with with 8 - 3 hours for getting ready & the ceremony, 1 hour portraits followed by an hour of cocktails and 3 for the reception.

    I myself know that I will want getting ready and want a mock send off shot so for me we are currently looking at 8 hours. I know I am not quote "experienced" as I am just starting out myself. 

    At that time my sister spent around $4,000 and most of the photogs I am looking at are around $5,500. In return do you have any recommendations as I begin my search?
  • hi, what kind of recommendations are you looking for?

    Thank you for your input and thoughts.  After kind of adding up everything, I think the 10 hours would work best for me.  The price difference really isn't that major either, for a 3 hour increase.

    I'm looking at at least 1 hour of the bridal party pre-wedding, then guests arriving, the wedding, photos after the wedding of the wedding party, the reception and dinner, all the traditional things that go on, etc.  I figure if I go with 7 hours, that will be pushing it a little to cover everything.  With 10 hours, we will at least be completely covered for everything I would like. :)
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  • I got an 8 hour package (4-midnight) but she arrived early around 3 and started shooting.
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