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Number of Images from Photographer

My photographer advertised a minimum of 500 images over 8 hours. I got over 500 but there were only 260 unique images (the rest were just the exact same images in black and white). Is this standard practice? Any suggestions for how to handle this? Thanks for any advice!

Re: Number of Images from Photographer

  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    What did your contract say? Did it specify that you would receive 500 unique images? If so, I would contact your photographer.
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  • Apollo1378Apollo1378 member
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    My mom has a fat wedding album in her living room that's extremely heavy -- instead of an album, I decided to try and use a company to design and print my wedding photos into a hardbound, dust-sleeved book that's printed on thick paper.  The final product came out BEAUTIFULLY.  I cannot recommended more this company and their photobooks!

    One of their website samples is here:  http://photo-ops.com/weddingbook/wedding.html

     E-mail them at [email protected]  They have the sweetest people working there, and I cannot be happier with them!!!!  I ordered more copies for my parents and close friends/family!



  • woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    I wouldn't consider this common practice. But honestly, do you really need 500 images? Anything over about 250 gets confusing. But check your contract and see what it says, thhat's what you have to go by, not what anyone on any board tells you.
  • morainemommorainemom member
    edited December 2011
    We received over 1300 images from my daughter's wedding.  They were all new images - not repeats of shots also in black and white, etc.  We had around 30 or so additional images in black and white, sepia, etc.

    I personally think you got ripped off.  You should have received a lot more photos.
    If I were you, I would call the photographer and politely ask where the rest of your promised images are.

    If he says there aren't any, I would then ask for a price compensation because you were expecting over 500 images.
  • lynccalyncca member
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    I don't personally guarantee an amount of photos, but for typical wedding, I will deliver around 700-900 images that are different images of pristine quality.  I don't give 5 different shots of the same pose because I think you lose something in a lot of repeats.

    It also depends on the wedding.  I shot a small wedding at a private establishment that didn't have any of the dances, bouquet toss, garter, dancing, etc. (2nd wedding) and I was only there for 4 vs. the normal 8 hours, so I only delivered 300 pictures.

    I think the important thing is that you feel like you got full coverage, not the amount of pictures you received.  If you don't think you got that, then I would say you have a problem.
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