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Do We Need A Video?

My wedding is 6 months away and, for the past year of planning, I have been saying that I don't feel like we need a video. Everyone I have talked to about it says that they watched theirs the day that they got it and haven't watched it since. I thought we were much more likely to get use out of our photos, so we went with a completely fabulous but kind of pricey photographer instead of a videographer. But now, as my wedding gets closer, I am getting nervous that I will regret it if we don't have a video. I would SO appreciate any advice or thoughts on how important it is to get a video!
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Re: Do We Need A Video?

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    I would at the least get a relative/friend to tape it.  You really don't want to say six months later 'I wish we would've taped it."  And if you tape it and don't use it, who cares.  But I have heard of plenty of brides that do watch it once a year or more, so you just never know if you'll want it.
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    It's one facet of the wedding that's really hard to justify in the planning process, especially due to the cost and being able to apply it elsewhere in your budget. Video was a definite for us, and we did a lot of research on vendors to find one who could give us what we wanted for what we could afford to pay. Photos are fantastic but it's also really special to be able to hear your vows again! I agree w/ the PP about asking a friend or relative to capture it for you. Even if it's just your ceremony I think you will be happy you did!
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    I did the same as you--splurged on a photographer and started second guessing not having video (at least of the ceremony) closer to the wedding.  We ended up not doing it and I regret it.

    Sure, maybe I will only watch it once and that's all.  But knowing that I can't watch it even once ever again is painful.
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    Agree with PPs that you might want to at least ask a friend or relative to video tape your ceremony. I'm thinking about doing that, myself. Definitely will not spend the money on a videographer.
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    We're not the kind to even want the artsy/romantic highly produced video.  But I think you should have something if for no other reason than to record the sound. 

    My parents were married in the early 80's before video was available.  They have about 5 minutes worth of silent movies but my dad also arranged to have a cassette tape recorder up by the altar so they have the sound of their ceremony; the songs (one of which he had written), the readings, their vows, etc., were all recorded.  My dad's parents who were married in the 50's have the sound of their wedding which was pressed onto an LP.  This stuff is hardly ever played, but when it is, there's a real charm to it.  I don't want to have only pictures.

    Sooooo, we're just setting up a small camcorder on a tripod and just letting it run for the ceremony.  And a friend will get some videos of the important moments of the reception like the first dance or the cutting of the cake.

    Like I said, nothing fancy, but that's not us anyway.  It's more for posterity's sake.
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    I had the same dilemma and with a small budget for everything I wasn't sure if I could spend the money on video, but I found a videographer who gave me a great package so I booked them.  Maybe I will see the video once, but I think it will be nice to have it just incase my kids would want to watch it some day along with the pics.  We are using GT Modern Creations that was recommended to me by a knottie here, I think he travels to Jersey.  hth
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    I was in the same boat- I didn't want it, but in the end, I splurged to get a great videographer. I feel much better that I'll be able to catch more details of my day. Also, you could spend less in other areas that aren't available after your wedding. You'll always have video!

    Also, there was video-recording in the early 80s...
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    Do you have an Mac computer with IMovie? At the last minute we hired a videographer for $500 that recorded our ceremony and many elements are our reception. The cost was so cheap because I am going to do the editing using Imovie. I haven't touched the video yet, but I am so glad that I know I have the footage. 

    Get a videographer! Or someone to do a little filming!
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    I’m a videographer, bottom line, don’t skimp on the video; in this day and age it’s a small price to pay. Not to mention, use the opportunity to capture family heritage … sadly, even in times of joy, it may be the last time you’re able to hear a loved one’s voice. 

    And, at the very least, have a family member shoot it, and see if you can contract a videographer to do some basic editing for a third of his / her normal fee. Worth a try.  Just remember to keep the camera steady and not swith pans or zooms.
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    Instead of spending $500+ on a videographer, we're buying a really nice camcorder (about $300) and having a friend take video of our ceremony and important parts of the reception.  That way we have video of the wedding and a camcorder for future events like honeymoon, kids, etc!
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    Creative, but who will capture the friend capturing you, for you to have that moment. Just a thought.Laughing
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