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One photographer vs two?

Hi Knot Community,

I am currently trying to book my photographer for my wedding in September.  It will be a small wedding with 80 on the invite list.  I am trying to decide whether to book one photographer or two photographers for the ceremony and reception.  I am looking for your advise...anyone who had 2 photographers and felt only one was necessary or anyone who had one photographer and wished they had 2.


Re: One photographer vs two?

  • We hired one and he brought an assistant with him and didn't charge us any extra.  I really liked having two, since they were able to get multiple angles of us at once, like when I was walking down the aisle.  If you can afford it, I would recommend getting two.  Or check and see if your photographer has an assistant.
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  • With just 80 guests one good photographer will be ample. A lot of people think having two photographers means double the value when in reality you may be getting a whole lot of repeats of the same thing from a slightly different angle. I usually only bring a second shooter for weddings with 150+ guests, and even then I don't have them there the whole time. Two photographers with 80 guests might be overkill and you may find one of the photographers kind of just hanging around for much of it. If it was me I'd invest in one really good photographer who shows a lot of different angles.
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    Hi there, I came across your question and thought as a professional wedding photographer who used to live in Phoenix and have shot many weddings throughout Arizona I would give you my opinions... 

    Anything under 100 guest is very managable for one photogapher - IF (and I stress IF!) they are professional.  A seasoned professional photographer should be able to handle 80 people without any issues.  I often shoot up to 120 guest without any issues and only recommend a second shooter after 120 guest. 

    I would really be careful with which photographer you hire. I often tell my brides that choosing the right photographer is one of the most important choices you will make as a couple.  It is so important to trust your photographer and to be comfortable with her/his style and technique.  Often times on the day of the wedding, time is an issue and sometimes it is easier to just adjust the dress, flowers or ring instead of explaining to the bride how to move.  If you are uncomfortable with your photographer you are going to be stressed out in your images - I can photoshop a zit that comes up, any blemish or even whiten teeth but I cannot get rid of the streesful look in your facial experssion!

    I also ask couples to remember that your children and even grandchildren are going to cherish the images that I shoot so make sure you are really taking the time to look for a responsible photographer. 

    I hope that helps - best of luck!
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