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Photographers The Best In Jacksonville NC

So I spend almost a year looking at Photographers & finaly found a guy out of Raleigh NC to do our wedding & then he never got back in touch with us.  So my now Hubby went searching around his home town of Jacksonville NC for some.  we meet with a few & some were Ok & some were crappy But all were very over priced!!! I mean I understand it is a military town & weddings are well lets face it everyday there but come on!!! $2,000+ for 3 hours?!  We meet with this one couple who did beautiful work  just beautiful but they were so $$$$ & they were very under-prepared for our meeting & the husband who took the photos didn't even stay for our meeting!  I was impressed with the photos but not the photographers!  
Then My Hubby sugested a Couple out of Richlands NC right out side of Jacksonville.   We met with them & it was instant Connection!  They were friendly & very Professional.  They had a building set up for just their photography not run out of a room in their house!  like may we had met with in the past. 
They had a very nice, clean & professional studio set up.  they specialized in family & relationship photography.  it was an instant connection to them they were so nice!  & unlike many photographers that we had met with they wanted us to shop around & check out our opptions for photographers, they weren't all about the money$$$. 

I don't photograph well at all & my Hubby hates having his picture taken & they put both of us @ easy during our engagement shoot, & they even included our dogs in  some of the shoot for christmas cards no extra charge!  lol (silly i know but they are our "girls").  

Everyone @ our wedding kept complememting us on our photographers on how nice they were & easy to work with. How they were not pushy or demanding with anything.   how they were never in the way & how they spoke with everyone! 

& when i say the photos of the wedding!  They made me cry all over again!  so many things I didn't remember! 

Not only did we get all 570 edited photos, a DVD for grandparents who don't have computers, but a thumbdrive with a photo video in both HD & low D for adding to phones.  & we had print rights to everything!  also they posted everything on line for fmaily & friends to see & even on face book! 

The Chandlers of Chadlers-studios were so wonderful!!!

We will be going back to them for years & many of my friends & family @ the wedding who are getting married soon said they are going to use them!!  

Thank You Chandlers for such beautiful memories
Anna Braun Faso Jacksonville NC

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