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Bridals: what to do?

I decided very late in the game that I wanted to have bridal phots taken.  Fortunately, my photographer is still able to do them despite how little time I gave him to work with.  My question is this: how weird is it to not have the flowers (or a similar bouquet) you will carry at your wedding in those pictures??  My fiance and I are both students, but fortunately our parents are helping pay for the wedding, so I don't know if I want to add on another bouquet to have at bridals since it's on my dad's dime. 

Has anyone else not had flowers at bridals, or perhaps done something else entirely?  Maybe some more creative?  Or I am making a big deal out of nothing?  Thanks!
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Re: Bridals: what to do?

  • sdump1sdump1 member
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    I've seen very nice portraits where the bouquet was not in the shot. It all depends on how creative your photographer is.

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    Nothing weird about it....  Whatever makes you most comfortable, is what you should do.  Whether it's about dollars, or anything else..  Do what works for you....  you'll never go wrong..
  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    i don't think you need flowers for the photos. but if you can probably make an inexpensive bouquet yourselves for this purpose with flowers from the market or grocery store.
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    I've also seen great shots without bouquets. But it also gives you something to hold which might help you feel less awkward in pictures. I always feel awkward in pictures unless I'm doing something with my hands or posing with another person.
    I'd definitely go with a $10 bouquet from a grocery store. That way you can take some with and some without and you'll have it in case you feel that you need/want it.
  • woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    Perhaps your photographer has a prop bouquet you could borrow for the protraits?
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    I do bridal portraits all the time and never have bouquets when they are before the ceremony, it's about you in that gown!  :)  Flowers are an after thought.!/photo.php?pid=1416934&id=1320949479&fbid=1527433268707

    have some fun with your bridal portraits, it's about you, there'll be plenty of shots of the flowers at the ceremony and reception
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