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Normal not to meet with the photographer who will be shooting?

FI and I have an appointment with a photographer whose work we really like, but only the associate photographer (whose work we also really like) is available on our wedding day.  The main photographer, however, has told us that the associate photographer does not "do meetings" and that we will only be able to meet her at the engagement session.  FI and I are both a little uncomfortable hiring a photographer we haven't met.  Is it normal not to be able to meet with the photographer who will actually be shooting our wedding or should we keep looking for someone who will allow us to meet the person who will actually be doing our wedding?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Re: Normal not to meet with the photographer who will be shooting?

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    I wouldn't be comfortable with that either. I would let the photog know that if the associate is not willing to meet with me before booking, then I will take my business elsewhere.

    There are tons of photographers out there and I bet you will find another one that you really like if this one doesn't work out. Go with your gut, and if you are not totally comfortable, then find someone else.
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    Agree with pp, you should be able to meet with your actual photographer before booking them. Personality was a huge part of the decision for me. You want to "click" with your photographer since you'll be spending all day with them.

    This is a good article about looking for a photographer. HTH!
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    Thanks!  That's really helpful.  I'm glad we're not just being crazy and unrealistic.  We'll just keep looking.
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    I agree with everyone! We met with a few photographers before choosing. I would not feel comfortable working with someone without talking to them. What if this associate is horrible with your family and friends? Wouldn't want something like that to ruin it!
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    no this is not normal and would be a deal breaker for me.
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    Ditto pps - I know you've already made your decision but I have a link under the tab in my bio called "useful info" about picking a photographer.  There is just some general guidelines there that are helpful when hunting.  GL!
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    Just for kicks and conversation, several of the top 10 wedding photogs in the world don't ever meet the bride till the wedding day.  Of course, they are well known in the industry, and they get called on to shoot all over the world.  They can't be flying to Italy to "meet" a bride, then fly home till the wedding.  Sure this is the extreme though. .  But I'm just bring this up for thought.  A few of the world class photog's I refer to are Denis Reggie, Yervant, and Jerry Ghonis.  Denis Reggie actually prefers not to meet anyone because he likes to be a total "fly on the wall", because he's 100 photojournalistic in his style and approach. He says the more he talks with people, the less he can just blend in and not be noticed.  To each his own.

       But in the real world, yes, I think hiring a non world class photog without meeting him is a little odd.  On the other hand, I just shot a wedding here in Nashville two  weeks ago for a bride and groom who live in Ohio. They wanted to get married here in Nashville.   I never met them until the wedding day.   They hired me and payed me online, with only a few phone calls added in.   They liked my work, I fit their budget, and the wedding photos are a huge success, and she's totally thrilled with her photos so far.
       So I guess it goes either way really.  Even as a photographer, I prefer to meet potential clients first.
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