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Am I the only one???

I logically don't want to spend more than I'm spending on my venue for a photographer.  It just seems like that's fair for a budget. 

But every time I try to find a photographer that fits in my budget, even if I like 1-2 pictures, when I see a whole wedding I end up disliking their work.  It doesn't capture the same emotions, people don't look as good in the pictures, like they're caught in an awkward moment between expressions or movements.  The pictures are not framed correctly, the lighting is off and not flattering, and the poses look awkward and unnatural.  Family portraits look stiff and unflattering.  It just looks like the weddings are cheaper or not as much fun.

But when I look at photographers outside my budget, I love everything about it.  The pictures look fun and spunky, the lighting is flattering and interesting, the expressions full of emotion and personality.  The angles of the photos are interesting and dynamic, and the pictures capture amazing moments with interesting perspectives.

Am I losing my mind and this is a figment of my imagination???  Or am I just experiencing buyers envy that this is out of my budget?  Is it worth cutting into my honeymoon budget to bump up my photography budget by nearly $2000 to get a photographer that I am truly excited about???



Re: Am I the only one???

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    You're definitely not the only one, but there are ways you can stick to your budget, talk to one of the photographers that are in your budget that you like some of their work you see, and show them examples of the things you like from the over budget photogs, every bride has a different style and ask if they can work with in that style
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    Hi there,

    I think that for the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to photography.  If you can cut little things here and there to bump your budget up to afford a photographer you love (looking at full weddings like it sounds like you are doing is crucial), I would do it in a heartbeat.  In the end, it is the photographs that you look back on to remember your day, and you want to love them.  If there are little details that won't affect the overall feel of your wedding that you can cut back on, put that money towards that photographer.  And if you have to steal a little from your honeymoon budget, I'd probably do it too...Just my thoughts....:)

    Good luck!
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    We definitely upped our budget to get the style of photography we wanted.
    Our photographer was slightly out of our original budget but we cut a few things we wanted (bridals, parent albums) in order to still have her for our wedding.  I didn't really care about bridals and just made my parent's albums myself.  We still upped our budget a little but it was worth it.

    If your local board is active, I would try there for recommendations.  Maybe they can help you find someone you might have missed.
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    Your not the only one. I was in your same position and I decided to up my photogrpahy budget after having engaement photos done by a photographer that was more in my budget I hated them we look so posed and uncomfortable. Once we hired Cassdiy we had an amazing experience from beggining to end. Best descion I ever made I love my pictures my photographer did an amazing job at capturing me in the moment. And they all look natural none of that korny posing stuff. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our pictures. We ended up hiring her for our materninty and newborn photos we liked her so much You can view her work at She does her pricing a little different every thing is done a la carte. You pay for the hours you want a photgrapher which includes two photographers and a disc with all your pictures then you can add albums and such. This could be helpful if you want the better work with a lower price because you dont have to buy the pictures and you have the rights to all your pictures. And if you want to buy the album in a few months when you save some money they will create it then for you. And she is located in south florida. Heres one of my faviorate pictures she took. 
    Hope this helps just remember this is your big day and your pictures will be the only thing you can look back at and take away from it.

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    I think that is pretty common! My sister is an amazing  destination wedding photographer and I have worked with her a lot. I can attest to the fact that you get what you pay for. You are paying more because the quality of work is substantially better. Your wedding photography is really the only thing that you are going to have as a memory of the day (other then your groom, ring & dress) so it is worth it to have those images be incredible. 
    I know that my sis puts her couples on a payment plan so that everything doesn't have to be paid for by the time of the wedding. She also creates a registry for her couples so that guests can allot a set amount of money as a gift to go towards their photography. If you find a photographer you like, you may want to ask about those options. You can check out my sisters site
    Good Luck!
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    You say you "logically don't want to spend more than I'm spending on my venue for a photographer"?
    Ten years from now, are you going to look back and" think" about how wonderful your venue was, or would you prefer to look at PICTURES of how wonderful your venue AND your entire wedding day was? If you're fine just thinking back about the beautiful wallpaper and carpeting in the venue then I guess you made the right decision. LOL!
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    Perhaps my recent article can help shed a little light on your decision (and perhaps a laugh wrapped in a reality check). I am located in South Carolina, and would be glad to chat with you more about your wedding.

    I hope you like the article : )

    Ron Anderson
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    The only thing that you will have left to remember a day that passes in an instant is your photographs. Why wouldn't you want to invest in that? 

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    Stay within your budget.  Don't start off your relationship in the RED. Convey your expectations to the photographer,;after all, its work, and he's the employee and you're the boss. Besides, he/she should welcome some direction, as it might challenge their creativity... and then they grow.  That's how medicore pros get to be excellent pros.  It's your day, but its both of you all's tomorrow!
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