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Hire Videographer?


I'm not sure about hiring a videographer for the wedding. We don't have a very big budget, in fact its very small, and a videographer is never really something I thought I wanted, but I've been wondering, is not having a wedding video something I'll regret later?

Any input from you guys who are already married?

What are other people doing?


Re: Hire Videographer?

  • kimp67kimp67 member
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    We weren't going to have one, but now FI wants one.  We're just starting our search so I'm hoping we can find one!
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    Pre-wedding it's hard to justify videography. Post-wedding you'll be glad you did. I would at least try to budget for ceremony coverage. A lot of vendors will offer that alone at a good price. If you don't see that as a package option, it never hurts to ask if that could be arranged for you. If you can't budget for a professional to do it you could ask a family member. Does your local high school or college have an AV department? It never hurts to put a call in to see if a student would like a project for experience. Take a peek on craigslist.org too! A lot of upstart professionals utilize it for free advertising.

    Personally our wedding video was worth every penny. It's not something we watch frequently but it is really great to hear our vows again and see the expression of family and friends as the day unfolds. It really does pass quickly and it's impossible to take it all in and remember. Our videographer captured some great moments that both our photographers didn't get a shot of.
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    We LOVE our video... it's probably our best memento.... we LOVE watching it and have done so already so many times. Honestly, I would probably lower your photo package in order to have video... that's how much we love our video!!! We love having pictures, but there's just something special about our video... we laughed, we cried, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

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    Thanks everyone!

    Especially  ~mRm~ , just gave me a great idea!
    I'm a media major so I have a friend who might be able to do it and I never would have thought of asking her!
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